Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb has spoken out about a potential Agent Carter revival, revealing that ABC cancelled the show without consulting him.

Earlier this year, fans of ABC’s female-led Marvel series Agent Carter were saddened to learn that the second season would be its last.

Hayley Atwell had already been cast in a new series (the police procedural Conviction, which premieres this fall), yet the star has repeatedly expressed interest in splitting her time in order to keep doing Agent Carter.

After it became clear that ABC wasn’t bringing the series back for a third season, fans were hoping for Netflix to pick it up, like has happened for many other cancelled series. But that was not to be: It was a “business decision,” apparently, which — while not totally unexpected — is a real bummer for fans of good television.

But don’t lose all hope just yet. In an interview with Business Insider, Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb said of a possible Agent Carter return, “Let me just put it this way: I watched The Avengers. Phil Coulson died. His story was done. We’re about to go into the fourth season [of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.], and he’s standing right over there. So I like to think that anything is possible. And that’s one of the reasons why I enjoy my job so much.”

Of course Phil Coulson was a man minor character used to link Marvel’s movie and TV properties, whereas Peggy Carter is already the star of her own franchise. Having her pop up in another show or movie (like she has already done in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Ant-Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron) would certainly be a nice surprise, but it wouldn’t exactly heal the wounds now that we know how wonderful she is as the lead in her own story.

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Jeph Loeb also gave a few more details about how exactly Agent Carter was cancelled, revealing that it was purely ABC’s decision.

“There were no conversations. We had a call from the network. The network said they were cancelling the show,” Loeb explained, and when asked what he understood of ABC’s reasons for cancelling it, he said, “I don’t.”

Jeph Loeb has stated in a separate interview with TV Line that he’d be all for something like an Agent Carter TV movie special (which Hayley Atwell herself has previously suggested), the problem is that they need a network to step forward before they can begin working on anything.

“What Marvel Television does every day is it connects with our partners — ABC, FX, Fox, Netflix, Freeform — and they tell us when they would like it,” Loeb says. “So the short answer is: Sure, if someone wants to call and say, ‘We want a two-hour Agent Carter for May 2017,’ boom. We’ll put together the greatest Agent Carter movie we can.”

Here’s looking at you, Hulu.

If you, too, are still hoping for more Agent Carter, make sure you join the ongoing Renew Agent Carter campaign.

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