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Joss Whedon recruits Minka Kelly to bust myths about voter fraud

The presidential election is approaching, and Joss Whedon continues to encourage people to vote with his celebrity-filled Save the Day videos.

Halloween costume tips: Meg DeAngelis’ 5 ways to transform your look

Stressing over what to wear this year for Halloween? Are you looking to hit multiple festivities in one day? Tastemaker, actress, and YouTube/internet star Meg DeAngelis (AKA “MayBaby”) has a few Halloween costume tips for you!

‘Stranger Things’s’ Steve meets his ‘son’ Jean-Ralphio

Ben Schwartz uploaded a video to Instagram that unites the Parks and Rec star with his ‘dad’ from Stranger Things: His “stranger twin” Steve Harrington.

Joss Whedon launches sketch series in support of Hillary Clinton, returns to Twitter

Joss Whedon’s organization Save the Day is bringing in former collaborators Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr. and Neil Patrick Harris to encourage people to vote for Hillary Clinton.

You can now write longer tweets thanks to Twitter’s new rules

It’s now much easier to fit your thoughts into a single tweet.

‘Pokémon GO’ will ‘probably’ introduce trading and player-versus-player battling

Could our wildest dreams come true? A Pokémon GO developer has hinted that Niantic is still interested in expanding the game with user-interactive elements.

‘Celebs Have Issues’ episode 1 has Kristen Bell tackling the wage gap

Are you a business owner? Are you tired of fair pay for your workers? Just hire women! They work for less money and they won’t even complain about it.

Apple releases iOS 10 for iPhone and watchOS 3 for Apple Watch — here’s what’s new

It’s a big day for Apple users — new operating systems are now available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Amazon, Pandora readying cheap music streaming services to compete with Spotify, Apple Music

The music streaming wars are about to heat up again, as two major services are preparing to announce very enticing prices.