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Justin Bieber deletes his Instagram, is not even ‘Sorry’

Justin Bieber has deleted his Instagram account, after complaining about fan behavior. Now, the Beliebers are firing back.

Hulu to discontinue its free streaming service

First we lost the CW shows, and now Hulu is shutting off free streaming altogether, instead adopting Netflix’s subscription-only model.

Leaked iPhone 7 photos suggest Apple’s getting rid of the headphone jack ūüôÉ

In January we told you that Apple may dump the headphone jack with iPhone 7, and now leaked photos confirm that change to be the case.

Instagram comes for Snapchat with ‘Instagram Stories,’ a blatant ripoff of Snapchat stories

Instagram has announced a major new feature for their app: Instagram Stories. Stop us if you’ve heard this one before!

Did your Pok√©mon Go account just reset itself? Here’s how to get your data back

The latest Pok√©mon Go update just wiped a bunch of users’ data. But don’t panic! You can still be the very best.

Nintendo: ‘Pok√©mon GO’ Plus — making gameplay easier — to debut in September

Hate having your Pok√©mon GO app open all the time to catch ’em all? Nintendo is making your journey easier with Pok√©mon GO Plus.

Apple Music books ‘Late Late Show’ Carpool Karaoke spinoff series

CBS and The Late Late Show’s wildly successful Carpool Karaoke series is heading to Apple Music with new and exclusive episodes.

‘Pok√©mon Go’ launches in the U.K. and Germany

Get ready to join the global hunt for Pok√©mon, as Nintendo’s mobile game Pok√©mon Go launches in parts of Europe.

FTC: YouTubers took money from WB for game reviews without disclosing sponsorship

Warner Brothers and the Federal Trade Commission have reached a settlement over YouTubers who were paid to talk about a video game without properly disclosing the deal.