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Honest Trailer gets super honest about ‘Pixels’: ‘Suck all you want but don’t drag Tyrion down with you’

Adam Sandler’s Pixels was categorically terrible, and this Honest Trailer doesn’t hold back. Enjoy!

‘Classic Alice’s’ Kate Hackett debuts political sketch series on YouTube

YouTube star Kate Hackett (Classic Alice) launches The Concession, the first instalment in a hilarious sketch series with a political twist.

Emoji Gods approve 72 new emoji for iPhone, Android including a clown, avocado, bacon, and a selfie

The Unicode Consortium, the group responsible for selecting the emojis that will be used across all of tech for consistency’s sake, has settled on the next 72.

Issa Rae’s HBO comedy ‘Insecure’ debuts this fall: Here’s why it’s a must-watch

Internet star and comedian Issa Rae’s long-awaited comedy series Insecure is coming to HBO this fall, and you absolutely must see it.

Twitter announces slew of changes to give you more room to tweet, get noticed

Twitter has confirmed that they’ll be making a few changes to let you fit more in a single tweet. Changes to retweeting and chatting with a user are also in the pipeline.

Chewbacca Mom carpools with James Corden and J.J. Abrams

James Corden invited the now world famous Chewbacca Mom onto The Late Late Show for some sh**s and giggles.

Twitter to stop counting images, links in 140 character count

It’s about to get a little easier to tweet. Starting soon, Twitter will stop counting your images and links in their pesky 140 character lim

Hilarious ‘Captain America’ parody introduces European superheroes

Meet Captain Romania: A dancing vampire. Or Captain Britain: Captain America’s biggest fanboy. These are the superhero Captains of Europe.

Google launches Gboard, an excellent new iPhone keyboard you should try

Google has unveiled a new keyboard for the iPhone and iPad that lets you conduct searches, find GIFs and emojis, and type by swiping — all without leaving the app you’re currently typing in.