Internet and Tech

Live TV is officially coming to Hulu — Goodbye, cable box?

Another nail has just been placed through the cable box coffin: Hulu has just confirmed reports that they’re putting together a live TV service.

‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ web series ‘Bright Summer Night’ cast announced — first look!

Hypable has the first look at the cast of Shakespearean web series Bright Summer Night, from the creators of Nothing Much To Do and Lovely Little Losers.

Instagram to let users upload longer videos, brings back editing tool

Instagram has announced that videos you upload to the app can now be four times longer.

‘Prison Break’ star Wentworth Miller takes a stand against fat-shaming meme

Prison Break star Wentworth Miller just became our personal hero, with this emotional open letter which details his reaction to a nasty fat-shaming meme.

Post-Millennials have been labelled ‘The Katniss Generation,’ for depressing reasons

According to a new study, Gen Z — or ‘Generation K,’ for Katniss — will inherit a “dystopian, unequal and harsh” world from Millennials.

Apple launches iOS 9.3, announces new, smaller iPhone

Apple has revealed a new iPhone for those of you who don’t like their more recent, larger devices.

Praise be: Twitter has decided it won’t expand 140-character limit

Twitter is searching for ways to grow. They think one solution is putting your tweets out of order. Another solution they were considering — getting rid of the classic 140-character tweet limit — has been tossed.

Twitter begins forcing users to read tweets out of order

You didn’t ask for it, but Twitter has started to present tweets from the people you follow out of order.

Instagram says they will soon display your feed out of order

Facebook-owned Instagram will soon act like the Facebook News Feed.