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They might play the ultimate frenemies in X-Men, but Magneto and Professor X are actually real life BFFs. Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen might be the cutest besties in the world. Here’s why.

When Patrick Stewart interrupted Ian McKellen’s red carpet interview just to catch up with him

Via Tumblr

When they took over Late Night, with Ian McKellen as host and Patrick Stewart as band leader (now that’s a late night show that we’d watch!)

When Patrick Stewart said he was jealous of Ian McKellen’s ability to sleep anywhere

Via Tumblr

When Ian McKellen officiated at Patrick Stewart’s 2013 wedding

Image: John von Pamer via Yahoo

When they got excited together about their younger costars

Via Tumblr

When they weren’t afraid to show their bromance

Via Tumblr

When Patrick Stewart described Ian McKellen’s early days on the stage, and made him blush

Via Tumblr

When they cross-promoted each other in the most charming way



When they did a killer impersonation of each other

On page 2: When Ian Mckellen and Patrick Stewart had a New York adventure together

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