The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken was one of the best books of December, and now we have the title of second book in the series to share with you. The Darkest Minds book two is called…

Never Fade


Here is a quote from Alexandra Bracken explaining the title and how it fits in with the title of book one.

When my editor, agent, and I were kicking around potential titles, we were looking for something to capture the feeling of resistance that underscores the story. I love that NEVER FADE is a powerful, assertive statement in and of itself, but I was also really attracted to the way its meaning changed when we tested it out next to THE DARKEST MINDS. Saying them aloud, together, to see if they ‘fit’ left us with another striking phrase that somehow also fit with the book’s core themes: The darkest minds never fade. It was a strange coincidence, but we all loved it and my editor suggested continuing to add onto the statement with book three’s title. It felt fresh and fun to go at the naming process that way, rather than follow a specific pattern. Plus, I think it’ll be really cool for readers to see the meaning of the sentence change again and build to reflect the story’s big finale – and to guess at how that full sentence might hint at what’s in store for Ruby and her friends!

What do you think the title of book three will be? There are so many ways to complete that sentence, but which one would make the best title for a book? Tell us your guesses in the comments for a chance to win a signed copy of The Darkest Minds.

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