See a sneak peek for tonight’s How I Met Your Mother episode, which reveals Ted and Marshall’s secret recreational activities (and how they affect Robin).

In the sneak peek, Robin reveals to the gang that she and Nick (Michael Trucco) have had to cool off their intimacy as Nick cools off something else – he has joined Marshall’s basketball team, and has had some unfortunate accidents!

We also learn that Ted is a member of a basketball team too, even though they don’t actually get around to playing for all that architechtin’ those crazy boys get up to.

Back in the present time, Robin admits that the more she’s getting to know Nick, the more she’s realizing that he’s kind of dumb – a fact which hasn’t escaped the rest of the gang’s notice.

Is this the end of the Nick/Robin relationship? The episode title sure makes it seem that way, and it would finally pave the way for Robin and Barney getting back together, and then getting engaged, and finally plan their wedding in Farhampton – where Ted will meet the future mother of his children.

How I Met Your Mother 8×06 “Splitsville” airs tonight at 8/7c on CBS.

What do you think about the season so far?