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A sequel to the hit 2007 musical movie Hairspray already has a script, but unfortunately the film hasn’t made it further than that stage.

The musical’s original creator John Waters spoke at length about his progress with the script, which he says is complete, in a new interview with Broadway World. “I wrote a whole script,” he explained, “but it never happened. But it still could. You never know – Haispray is the gift that keeps on giving.”

We also learned about what happens within the story. As rumored, it does indeed have a singing zit on Link’s (Zac Efron) face. “You see, Hairspray 2 – well, it’s called White Lipstick, really – is about when the real sixties hit and [The Corny Collins Show] isn’t popular anymore. It’s the new hip coming in – which really happened. So, you know, the black kids want to have their own version of the show now – they don’t want to have to share with the white people!”

Waters continued, “Little Inez kind of turns into Angela Davis. Link has to pretend that he is British to get a singing career kind of going – because the Beatles just hit and everyone wanted their kind of music. So, he has these pimples underneath his Beatles haircut because he never washes it, and, so they start singing to him – kind of like the Chipmunks.”

Honestly, a singing zit sounds like the film’s plot jumps the shark a bit. We could imagine that going down as one reason why a sequel should not have happened.

Waters says music is not written, so if this project ever takes off, it’ll take much more development. Producers have not seen the project.

Do you want ‘Hairspray 2’ to see the light of day?

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