Two new sneak peeks for Grey’s Anatomy 9×04 “I Saw Her Standing There” have been released – watch them here!

“I Saw Her Standing There” will have the doctors dealing with guilt. Meredith is trying to be sensitive to Derek’s new life without surgery by keeping quiet about the cases she’s working on. Both Alex and Callie will be dealing with the guilt of Arizona’s new struggles with her disability. She’ll start working towards getting a prosthetic leg, but she has yet to emotionally deal with the changes in her life.

The first sneak peek features another call between Meredith and Cristina. Anyone else ready to see this duo together in person again? Cristina comments that Derek must be proud of Meredith for a difficult case she is working on. But Meredith clues Cristina in that she hasn’t been discussing her cases with her husband as she feels it would be like rubbing his nose in them. While Meredith seems to stay positive about Derek’s new life as a teacher, Cristina can’t imagine what it would be like to never preform surgery again. The pair get off the phone just in time for Derek to come home and declare that he hates teaching.

The second sneak peek shows a sullen Arizona looking over prosthetic legs. The doctor who is going to help her get used to using a prosthetic leg informs her that they are going to be working together for a while. It sounds as though Arizona is in for a long and difficult journey learning how to walk again. When she asks exactly how long they will be working together he makes a joke that doesn’t impress Arizona and might even have offended her! When the doctor pulls up the blanket covering her leg she looks the other way, almost as though she refuses to look.

Will things ever get back to normal on Grey’s Anatomy?

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