Yesterday we learned that one of the couples on Grey’s Anatomy would be taking a walk down the aisle. But it looks like another one of the show’s favorite couples will be featured as well, that’s right we’re talking about Meredith and Cristina.

Season 9 of Grey’s Anatomy will feature an hour episode soley focused on the pairs story. It will be a standalone episode separate from the rest of the season. In speaking with TV Line Shonda Rhimes states “It’s just the story of Meredith and Cristina. It’s really going to be original. I don’t think we’ve ever told a story the way we’re telling a story in this episode.” She also revealed that they have yet to film the episode and are still working out the exact visual style. However she does say that it will be fairly different.

When season 8 finished airing fans were unsure of where Meredith and Cristina’s friendship was going with them appearing to be heading in separate directions. Meredith was thinking about accepting a job in Boston, while Cristina was heading for the Mayo Clinic. Could this episode be their goodbye?

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