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Jerome returned from the dead on Gotham season 3, episode 13, “Smile Like You Mean It,” and fans really freaked out on social media!

Even though the other Indian Hill experiments were woken up long ago, Jerome remained frozen. At first fans were a bit upset that he didn’t come back right away. Now that he is back, no one’s complaining. A large portion of Gotham season 3, episode 13, “Smile Like You Mean It” was dedicated to the story of how Jerome was resurrected by the following that he inspired.

In fact, Gotham fans freaked out so much that the topic started trending on Twitter!

Here’s a peak at how people reacted when Gotham brought back Jerome:

Things got a bit loud when Jerome returned

People connected with Dwight’s obsession over Jerome

Fans had some feelings about his face

He got lots of love

The writers even got some love of their own

Some responses were just funny

How did you react to Jerome’s return on ‘Gotham’?

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