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Beyonce is taking over the world! First tonight’s Super Bowl half time show, and Tuesday, some of the New Directions will be doing her song “Diva.” Check out the very flamboyant performance that includes a different arrangement of the original song.

The video has surfaced on this YouTube account, and features a little bit of Emma and Finn chatting about what it means to be a diva. After some back and forth between Wade, Tina and Marley, the girls plus Blaine go into one of the most eccentric performances Glee has ever seen.

Check out the performance for yourself below:

We’re not sure we’re going to be able to handle all of this fierceness in one 45 minute episode!

Are you excited about this week’s Glee episode “Diva?” We recently reported on the cover art for all of the songs that will appear in the episode. So if you’re looking for what else to expect from this exciting episode, make sure you check out that post right here!

Glee returns this week at 9/8c on Fox! After the episode finishes, we’ll be sure to have a brand new episode of Glee Chat for you rehashing the episode and all of the performances!

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