Ryan Murphy announces ‘Glee’ spinoff ‘Klaine’ to premiere on Netflix this fall

"We know how much fans loved their duets, particularly 'Candles.'"

8:00 am EDT, April 1, 2016

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Ryan Murphy and Netflix announced the surprising Glee spinoff Klaine today in a press release.

After a tumultuous run of six seasons from 2009 to just a year ago, Glee creator Ryan Murphy is heading back to Lima, Ohio — sorta. Murphy announced the spinoff, saying that the Kurt and Blaine storyline was not only unfinished, but needed some “tweaking,” according to the press release:

“We know fans loved what we did with Kurt and Blaine during those couple of seasons they were together on Glee. But, we also knew the story was unfinished with these two. We’re going to be tweaking some of the storyline to make sure fans get exactly what they have been asking for when Klaine premieres this fall.”

We reached out to Murphy to clarify what he meant by “tweaking,” to which Murphy responded:

“Well, we thought we did everything right, but we want to do it more right. So, we’ll be doing several flashback, flash forward, flash sideways and parallel universe episodes so that fans really understand the complexity of these characters. The great thing about Netflix is that you can really experiment with characters and not really deal with the owning up to it part.”


When asked if the new Netflix series would include a musical performance format similar to Glee, Murphy was quick to give details:

“Yes, there will be several musical performances by Kurt and Blaine in every episode. We know how much fans loved their duets, particularly ‘Candles,’ so expect many more in that same vein when this series debuts.”

Darren Criss also tweeted his excitement for the spinoff after it was announced, noting that he was contractually obligated to a spinoff series when he signed on to Glee:

“Klaine spinoff is happening. Was part of my contract with Glee. Cool. Yeah, very excited. Can’t wait.”

When asked if other characters from Glee would be participating in this series, Ryan Murphy only confirmed a few minor details:

“We’re still having trouble locking in Chris Colfer, but I can also confirm Puck will not be involved.”

Are you excited about the ‘Glee’ spinoff ‘Klaine’ coming to Netflix this fall?

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