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Four of the album covers for Glee’s upcoming 9th episode, “Swan Song” have surfaced, revealing and confirming the music!

According to Freegal, 4 songs we’ll hear on Glee episode 9, “Swan Song,” are:

  • “All That Jazz” – originally from the musical Chicago, allegedly performed by Cassandra July and Rachel Berry
  • “Being Alive” – originally from the musical Company, allegedly performed by Kurt Hummel
  • “Being Good Isn’t Good Enough” – originally by Barbra Streisand, allegedly and most likely performed by Rachel Berry
  • “Don’t Dream It’s Over” – originally by the band Crowded House

The album covers confirming these four songs can be seen below:

Episode 9, “Swan Song” isn’t set to air until December 6. It looks like this episode will feature Kurt and Rachel’s NYADA setup in New York City very heavily if the alleged performers of the songs is true. We can’t wait to see what kind of hotness Rachel and Cassandra July bring to the table when they perform “All That Jazz,” one of the most popular pieces of music in American musical theater!

Do any of the songs or performances above get you excited for episode 9 “Swan Song?”

Don’t forget to check out this gallery of photos that was recently released by Fox featuring a couple of glimpses of what we can expect from “Swan Song” on December 6!

Thanks to the users who sent in this tip!

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