Listen to the third episode of Hypable’s Game of Thrones podcast Game of Owns, in which the hosts (attempt to) get to grips with 2×02 “The Night Lands.”

In this episode, the hosts discuss the second episode of season 2. Shownotes:

– Selina went to Bath and met George R. R. Martin there
– Crastor in bed with the White Walkers
– Ghost has been eating his puppy chow
– Terrance and Selina talk premiere, quickly
– Tyrion’s bedroom
– Sympathy for Cersei
– Theon has stamina
– Zack and Eric went shopping
– The loudest cry ever
– Littlefinger owned
– Map table loving
– Who wins Own of the Week?

Subscribe on iTunes or listen to the episode directly at Game of Owns.

The hosts for this episode are Zack Luye, Eric Scull, Terrance Pinkston, Micah Tannenbaum and Selina Wilken.

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