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Earlier today the producers of Fringe hosted a conference call with reporters to discuss the season four finale as well as news of the show’s renewal.

While Hypable was unable to attend, The Hollywood Reporter did:

“No, we did not shoot an alternate ending,” Wyman told reporters on a recent conference call when asked whether the other scene would be on the season DVD set. “We thought about it but we did not.”

It had been revealed in interviews by cast members that there were two potential endings filmed depending on the show’s fate.

We also learned how the producers heard about last week’s Fringe season five renewal:

the Pinkner and Wyman said that they knew of the renewal four hours before the news went public.
“I was actually getting a guitar fixed. I got a call and it was all these very happy voices. It was an incredible call because it was [unexpected]. It was music to my ears,” Wyman recalled. Pinkner, on the other hand, had just dropped off his kids at school when he got a call with the studio and network.

The producers are aware of how the ultimate story will end.

“We definitely know where the series is going to end and how it’s going to end and what we’re saying with the final season,” Wyman said.

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