When Fringe returns for its fifth and final season, showrunner Joel Wyman will be slowing down the pace and shaking up the relationship dynamics.

TV Line has spoken to Wyman about the final 13-episode season of Fringe, and it seems like this will very much be a wrap-up for the storylines we’ve been introduced to over the past four years as opposed to a season 4-style reboot.

“It’s not a season for tricks, multiple universes and the introduction of new things,” Wyman says. In season 5, he will, “put the viewer down on ground level” to “get inside the emotion of the characters and pay off [the four-year investment] in a big way.”

The fifth season will be set in 2036, following the Observer take-over. “Because we’re in the future, things are all that much cooler and some may really blow your mind,” Wyman enthuses.

There might also be some relationship surprises in store which will shake up the dynamic of the main characters after they are woken from the amber. “[Peter and Olivia] had their daughter taken from them,” Wyman says. “And most couples, when they lose a child… don’t make it through that. So what happened to Peter and Olivia before the ambering?”

Oh no! Do you think that the reason Olivia wasn’t with Peter and Walter in the amber was because she wasn’t with them anymore?! And will the final season see the two characters unite as they fight alongside their now grown up daughter?

Further, we know that episode 5×04 will be called “The Bullet That Saved The World,” while 5×05 will be entitled “An Origin Story.” So many things that could be referring to!

Fringe returns on September 28 on Fox!

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