We invest a lot of time and energy in our favorite shows, but when that passion is no longer productive, watching the show in question is doing more harm than good. The blowup after the Glee finale, with miles of the “This episode was terrible!” and “Then don’t watch the show!” exchange that never goes anywhere, is a perfect example.

Here are some warning signs that it might be time to drop a show before you go cray-cray.

5. You keep checking your watch or email during episodes

This first warning sign is disinterest. You may find yourself checking your watch to see how much longer you have to sit through this episode. Soon, you’re checking your email or favorite social media sites rather than paying attention to what’s on the screen.

To be fair, most shows are victim to a bad episode here and there. If checking your watch or email isn’t a common occurrence, it’s one thing; but when this is happening on a weekly basis, there’s probably trouble on the horizon, Captain.

4. You’re angry or, worse, bored after most episodes

Good stories will evoke strong emotions in an audience. A well-executed death scene should have the audience bawling, while a particularly good joke means laughter. But if you’re angry when the show wants you to be laughing, then there’s a disconnect that means trouble.This was common in much of Glee’s third season; the writers were clearly trying to evoke one emotion but would leave a good chunk of the audience on the other end of the spectrum.

But emotion of any kind is better than boredom. If you can’t connect to the characters or their stories, there’s no point in tuning in. This was a common complaint after the latest Glee finale, when the writers were going for something poignant. Not good.

3. You’re expending a lot of negative energy on the show

Think constant angry tweets and Facebook statuses, seeking out episode reviews and leaving scathing comments, blogging about how bad the show is, telling anyone who will listen how much you don’t like the show and that they shouldn’t watch, and so on.

Basically, if the energy you were once expending in a productive manner has shifted into something particularly negative or destructive, it’s time to back off and assess whether the exhausting negativity is worth it. This might happen after a particularly bad episode or because of a particular plot point you don’t like – that’s normal and is completely different than something happening week in and week out when the constant negativity must be seriously disrupting your chi.

2. Episodes are stockpiling on the DVR

Now, you might have a perfectly legitimate excuse as to why you have six weeks’ worth of unwatched episodes on your DVR, like, a job or school. Obviously you’d rather be watching, so you’re excused. But when you have the time to watch and you just don’t, well, Houston, we have a problem.

You might build up a backlog of episodes and then marathon them over a day or two, only to start the cycle all over again. But disinterest is clearly mounting when watching the show is one of the lowest items on your To-Do List, so why bother?


The last, and most obvious, sign is dreading the show. This goes beyond a lack of anticipation — that’s a neutral reaction, common to the average viewer. This is realizing that it’s [insert day] and groaning as X o’clock approaches because the show in question is on.

This is having the same feeling about watching the show as you would about going to a dentist appointment. If you’d rather be having your teeth pulled than sitting down to watch the show — whether live or getting into that backlog of episodes you’ve got going — then it’s probably time to make a clean break.

How about you, dear readers? How do you know it’s time to break up with a show?

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Forget seeing Luke Cage and Daisy Johnson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to Jeph Loeb, it’s simply too hard to plan.

Although the Marvel movies and TV series ostensibly exist in the same universe, and although Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. does its best to include Avengers references whenever possible, TV show characters are unlikely to ever show up in the movies.

This despite Chloe Bennet’s continued efforts to remind people that she is, in fact, Marvel’s first on-screen female Asian superhero, and the awesome crossover possibilities the Marvel Netflix series have opened up.

Marvel fans have long been aware of the difficulties of bringing TV characters into the movie ‘verse, but at the 2016 TCAs, Jeph Loeb provided a few more reasons for why it’s practically impossible to coordinate.

“Part of the challenge of doing this sort of thing is that the movies are planned out years in advance of what it is that we are doing,” Loeb says, as quoted by SlashFilm. “Television moves at an incredible speed. The other part of the problem is that when you stop and think about it, if I’m shooting a television series and that’s going to go on over a six-month or eight-month period, how am I going to get Mike [Colter] to be able to go be in a movie? I need Mike to be in a television show.”

In terms of planning out the character arcs, this makes a lot of sense. A Marvel movie might be mapped out years in advance of production, for not to mention release, which means any character scheduled to appear would need to have their stories planned for many seasons in advance. The continuity would certainly be hard to keep track of.

Of course they could still throw in cameos, which fans would probably really appreciate — and crossovers from movies-TV are much more doable, as evidenced by Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders), Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander)’s multiple appearances on AoS.

But Marvel is wary of doing that too much, too, because “we never want to be known as an Easter egg farm. It has to work within the story. We never want to do Luke Cage gets into a cab as Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock are getting out of the cab,” Loeb says, referencing The Man From U.N.C.L.E..

However, don’t lose hope yet. “Anything is possible,” says Loeb. “As I often get reported by you folks for saying #ItsAllConnected, our feeling is that the connection isn’t just whether or not somebody is walking into a movie or walking out of a television show. It’s connected in the way that the shows come from the same place, that they are real, that they are grounded.”

Would you like to see Marvel TV and movie characters cross over more?

If Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda weren’t enough to get you excited about Mary Poppins Returns, maybe Meryl Streep’s name on the roster will do the trick.

Mary Poppins Returns is not a remake of the original 1964 classic but rather a sequel to the Julie Andrews-led musical. As such, it stands to reason that we’ll be getting some new characters this time around. One of those characters will be Miranda’s Jack, who will be a street lamplighter.

And, according to Variety, another one of those new characters will also be portrayed by none other than Meryl Streep, who will be taking on the role of Mary Poppins’ cousin, Topsy. And, yes, the legendary actress will be taking on a singing role for the film.

This will also reunite Streep with her Into the Woods co-star Blunt, as well as Director Rob Marshall and Producer Marc Platt. Streep played the Witch in Into the Woods, while Blunt portrayed the Baker’s Wife opposite James Corden.

Disney’s official synopsis for Mary Poppins Returns reads:

Blunt has been cast as Mary Poppins and Miranda will play a new character, a street lamplighter named Jack. Drawing from the wealth of material in P.L. Travers’ seven additional novels, the story will take place in Depression-era London (when the books were originally written) and follows a now-grown Jane and Michael Banks, who, along with Michael’s three children, are visited by the enigmatic Mary Poppins following a personal loss. Through her unique magical skills, and with the aid of her friend Jack, she helps the family rediscover the joy and wonder missing in their lives.

Mary Poppins Returns and will hit theaters December 25, 2018.

Are you on board with ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ now that Meryl Streep has joined the cast?

Uh oh — fans of Nick and Jess aren’t going to like this news! Megan Fox is returning to New Girl in season 6 for a major arc.

Last season, Megan Fox stepped in to fill in Jess’ place while Zooey Deschanel was on maternity leave. During that time, Fox’s character Regan grew quite close to Nick! They even ended up going to Cece and Schmidt’s wedding together and made plans for the summer. With awful timing too, since it seemed like Jess was just about ready to admit her feelings for Nick.

Now TV Line is reporting that Fox will be returning for a huge story arc in New Girl season 6. It’s believed that Nick will return home from his summer with Regan alone, but she will appear around the middle of the season. The timing of her appearance is due to Fox’s own pregnancy with her third child.

If we had to guess, we’d say that the writers will definitely be throwing some angst into the script. It always seems like either Jess or Nick is pining for the other while they’re in a relationship. Will Jess try to get over her feelings for Nick with someone else? Or will she just try to show him why they should be together? Fans will have to wait and see when the show returns!

New Girl season 6 returns to Fox on September 20 at 8:30 p.m. ET!

Are you excited to see Megan Fox return to ‘New Girl’?