‘Doctor Who’: Proud to be a Whovian

Doctor Who returns on August 23 with new Doctor Peter Capaldi at the helm of the TARDIS. For decades people have loved watching the Doctor go on extraordinary adventures and a fandom of proud Whovians was born.

Artist Spotlight: Shelby Merry uses her music to take us into the maze

This week’s artist’s spotlight focuses on Shelby Merry, who writes music inspired by The Maze Runner!

‘True Blood’s’ series finale: We predict how it all ends

The true death is upon us. True Blood says goodbye for good this Sunday, so it’s time to make some predictions concerning what’ll go down.

Author Hillary Monahan talks writing horror and Bloody Mary

Hillary Monahan talks to Hyable about her debut young adult novel Mary: The Summoning and crafting horror stories.

First time watching ‘Firefly’: A newbie’s reflection

As some of you may know, I started watching Firefly for the first time a few weeks ago. Now that I’ve finished the series and watched Serenity, I have a few thoughts.

‘Doctor Who’: 12 ideal historical episodes for our new Doctor

Some of Doctor Who’s most memorable stories occur when the TARDIS takes a trip back into the past. We list 12 moments in history that would make exemplary episodes for our Twelfth Doctor.

Five ‘Doctor Who’ episodes that will let you jump right in

Doctor Who is a 50-year-old powerhouse institution. Where can a newbie start without weeks of commitment? Let us help.

Happy Birthday, Percy: Our 10 favorite Percy Jackson quotes

Happy Birthday, Percy Jackson! In celebration of one of our favorite literary character’s day of birth, we are taking a look at some of our favorite Percy Jackson quotes straight from the hero’s mouth.

Post-’Outlander’ Google Hangout: Talking Outlander

Hypable and That’s Normal have teamed up for a post-Outlander Google Hangout. Stop on by and see if your thoughts were similar to ours.

‘Doctor Who’: The Doctor’s 10 best speeches

Some choose a leather jacket and some prefer a bow-tie, but every Doctor can pull off an impassioned speech like no one else.

Hypable Honors: ‘Teen Wolf’ and ‘Outlander’ win this week

Teen Wolf‘s cast continues to impress us week in and week out, while Outlander‘s leading lady has knocked it out of the park on week one.

Rick Riordan discusses ‘Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods’ with Hypable

Hypable recently spoke with author Rick Riordan about his upcoming book Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods. Check out the full interview below!

Announcing Who Week: A ‘Doctor Who’ celebration

Who Week is a week-long celebration in anticipation of the upcoming Doctor Who season 8 premiere.

Featured Web Series: ‘Imperium’ is a dark, ambitious drama

This week, Hypable is spotlighting a brand new web series! Meet Lucifer himself, who aims to bring about the apocalypse in Imperium.