A bunch of Fantastic Beasts deleted scenes been put online in anticipation of the film’s Blu-ray release later this month.

All of the deleted scenes from the film were leaked online in late February but have since been taken down. Now, a couple of the scenes are being released officially to promote the Blu-ray Combo Pack.

The first scene depicts a Runespoor, which had been cut from the movie entirely. It’s living within Newt’s expansive suitcase. It’s also one of the Pottermore Patronus results. It’s an incredibly cool looking creature, so it’s too bad it didn’t make the movie!

The second deleted scene finds the core four going after the Demiguise in a longer sequence than what made the final cut of Fantastic Beasts:

Don’t forget that a third deleted scene, which depicts Tina and Queenie singing the Ilvermorny school song, was released in January.

Other Fantastic Beasts deleted scenes include Graves comforting Tina (and looking out for the mustard on her mouth), and Jacob losing his fiancée, who was upset that her man didn’t get the money he needed to build a bakery. There are also scenes involving the Obscurus (Credence) reeking havoc.

Interestingly, Jacob’s wife-to-be ended up getting completely scrapped from the movie, though her existence was mentioned in a Fantastic Beasts tie-in book. Her role would’ve added to Jacob’s tremendous arc.

Order the Blu-ray edition of the Oscar-winning movie below. It’ll be released on Blu-ray March 28, and on digital March 7 (the latter won’t include special features):

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