The specific Downton Abbey scenes that appear during Marvel’s Iron Man 3, opening in theaters this weekend across the United States, were purposely selected.

Iron Man 3 co-star Jon Favreau’s character Happy Hogan is seen in his hospital bed watching an episode that he feels very emotionally attached to. It’s a Downton Abbey scene where Branson and Lady Sybil are enjoying the early days of their relationship.

So what’s the connection between this scene and Happy Hogan? Both Branson and Hogan are chauffeurs who fall for someone in a higher position than they are.

Favreau had hinted at the purposeful scene selection on Twitter earlier this week:

The news caught actor Allen Leech, who plays Branson on the ITV drama, off guard:

It seems like no one at Downton Abbey let Leech in on the secret. Perhaps they wanted to surprise him. Either way, fans of his were quick to let him know on Twitter.

Favreau and perhaps other Iron Man 3 crew members appear to be big fans of Downton Abbey. The actor directed the first two Iron Man movies.

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