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Doctor Who series 8 concluded this week, but how well do you remember Capaldi’s debut run?

In August, we welcomed Doctor Who back to our screens by holding Who Week, seven days of timey wimey celebrations including: opinion pieces, speculation, infographics, and other fun. As part of those festivities, we tested you on your knowledge of all seven series of the show since its revival, as well as all of the special episodes we’ve enjoyed since 2005.

Here at Hypable, we’re true completionists, and so now series 8 has concluded with the blockbuster “Death In Heaven,” we thought it only fair that we test how well you remember the show’s 2014 run. Before that, here’s an opportunity to catch up on the original quizzes you might have missed:

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All caught up? Great! Today, we’re quizzing you on Doctor Who series 8. For the first time since 2010’s series 5, Doctor Who series 8 returned to the traditional continuous run of episodes – but it came at a cost, as the episode count was reduced from 13 to 12 (though with the bumper-length “Deep Breath” and extended “Death In Heaven,” we actually got a full length series). The series saw the introduction of Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi, who was joined by returning companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) and new addition Danny Pink (Sammy Anderson). The new Doctor had plenty to be getting on with in his debut run, as he faced off against Dinosaurs, Daleks, dimension shifting aliens and the Cybermen – the latter of which were controlled by Missy (Michellze Gomez, later revealed as the first female incarnation of The Master).

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How well do you know ‘Doctor Who’ series 8?

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