Doctor Who series 7 hasn’t even begun airing yet, but already approximate dates for its British DVD release have been revealed by various online retailers!

Amazon U.K. has listed Part 1 of the series with a November 12 release. Dates for Part 2 and the complete box set are a bit more vague – with spring and summer of 2013 being the only timeframe given. Unfortunately, there are no special features lists or any indication of Doctor Who Confidential-style documentaries, but we’re sure this information will be released closer to each set’s respective release.

So, what can we glean from this new information? Well, it looks like the second half of series 7 will begin airing no later than late March next year (the latest the DVD could be released and still hit a spring deadline would be May 27). The Doctor Who schedule for the rest of 2012 and 2013 is shaping up as follows:

Series 7, Part 1 – Airing from August 25 until September 22 (approximate)
2012 Christmas special – December 25
Series 7, Part 2 – Specific dates unknown, but most likely to begin between January and March 2013
50th Anniversary special – Beginning no later than November 23 (with more “specials” expected to air beforehand)
2013 Christmas special – December 25

What do you think of the approximate Doctor Who schedule for the next two years?

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