The Doctor Who 50th anniversary filming moved from the Welsh countryside to the city of London. The cast and crew is back at the headquarters of UNIT, better known as The Tower of London.

The Tower of London was established as the headquarters of UNIT back in the fall in ‘The Power of Three’ episode. Jemma Redgrave, who played the deceased Brig’s daughter Kate, was also back in action.

According to the BBC’s official release:

Jemma is part of a brilliant cast that is already known to include Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman who are joined by the returning David Tennant and Billie Piper plus screen legend John Hurt and Joanna Page. Filming is underway on the special which will be a 3D spectacular shown later this year.

The BBC also released some video of the filming which includes actress Ingrid Oliver wearing a Tom Baker scarf! This is the first we have heard of her involvement.

Next up is a combo message from Strax that segs into filming that took place just hours ago in Trafalger Square. We do have more spoilery coverage of that filming located here.

The BBC seems to be taking a new tactic. Instead of shaking their fists at people who can’t help but to see the action being filmed out in the open and then Tweeting about it, they are releasing official content on their own. This way fans have the best of both worlds. They can get a non-spoilery look at filming that whets their appetite for the 50th anniversary. On the other hand, if they want more, it’s still out there.

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