Can’t wait for the first of four Four short stories titled The Transfer by Veronica Roth? A free sample is now available in the iBook Store.

The sample is only a couple of pages (depending on whether you view it on an iPad or iPhone) but is available for free and will surely help hold fans over as we approach the September 3 release date.

You can hit the iTunes store to grab the sample and/or pre-order the book for $1.99.

It’s also worth noting that a page count is on the iTunes store, revealing that The Transfer is 50 pages total. On Amazon its listed as 30 pages.

“I emerge from the simulation with a yell. My lip stings, and when I take my hand away from it, there is blood on my fingertips. I must have bitten it during the test,” the story begins.

Hypable exclusively debuted The Transfer cover earlier this month.

The Transfer will be available across most eReader devices. It will be published in physical format with the three other Four short stories next year.

The other Four short stories will be rolled out one at a time over the next few months. Meanwhile, fans of the original Divergent trilogy are looking forward to the release of the third and final book Allegiant on October 22.

Thanks, DivergentFans.

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