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Destined for Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon is the sequel to Doon that brings Mckenna back to the magical kingdom across the bridge. Here’s our review of Doon book 2.

Destined for Doon Cover

Destined for Doon begins shortly after that fateful night when Mckenna decided to leave her best friend, the love of her life, and a magical kingdom behind in order to follow her dreams. After the revelation that she and Duncan have a Calling, Mckenna seems to see him at every turn.

But when one of those sightings turns out to be the real Duncan McCrae, and not just a fantasy version of the Prince of Doon, Mckenna is swept back into the drama only that life can provide. Her best friend is the queen, her soulmate wants nothing to do with her, and Doon is once again being threatened. Oh, and it looks like she’s the one that has to save the kingdom this time.

Destined for Doon is a battle of passions. Does Mckenna go back to Chicago to pursue her dream of being an actress, or does she stay in Doon to pursue her dream of a divinely chosen soulmate? But if Doon is completely destroyed by an ancient curse sweeping the lands, none of that might even matter.

‘Destined for Doon’ book review

Destined for Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon is as much Mckenna’s story as Doon was Veronica’s. Although Veronica is heavily featured and we still get some chapters from her perspective, the majority of the sequel is about Kenna and her feelings toward Duncan.

Much of the book is spent exploring Duncan and Kenna’s angst. Their hearts are broken, and although they still obviously care about one another, they believe that what’s best for them as individuals is for each to go their own way and pursue their dreams separately. But will that truly make them happy? Only time will tell.

Doon is once again under attack, and while being on the brink of destruction is nothing new for the magical kingdom, we haven’t seen anything as dark or horrifying as what is attacking it in Destined for Doon.

And if you think that waiting for book 2 after the revelation at the end of Doon was hard enough, just wait until you reach the conclusion of Destined for Doon!

Destined for Doon hits shelves on September 2. Add it to your Goodreads list, or purchase it from Amazon or IndieBound.

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