Marvel’s The Defenders finally has a release date, thanks to a clever teaser showing Manhattan’s heroes in action. Sort of.

The new Defenders teaser takes the form of security surveillance footage taken from a Midland Circle elevator. (Midland Circle, fans will recall, is the location of the Hand’s fathomless hole that Matt Murdock discovers in season 2 of Daredevil.)

Slyly placed in the top righthand corner is what appears to be the footage’s timestamp — Translated into geek, the numbers resolve into the date August 18, 2017.

Yes nerds, The Defenders are finally uniting!

(That sound you just heard was one million New Yorkers rolling their eyes. It’s how they express gratitude.)

The Defenders teaser doesn’t offer much by way of information about the series itself, though the whole dysfunctional crew seems distinctly on-form. Daredevil wears his dumbass face mask, while Luke Cage’s hoodie is again riddled with bullet holes. The men all seem slightly winded, though Jessica Jones appears unfazed; it is she who has the presence of mind to punch out the security camera, ending the teaser.

Of course, that might be more pent-up aggression than presence of mind. It’s hard to tell with Jessica.

Marvel’s The Defenders hits Netflix on August 18, 2017.

Are you intrigued by the new ‘Defenders’ teaser?

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