The James Bond producers want Daniel Craig to return for the next movie. Just one question: Is there enough money in the world?

It seems zeroes are the only thing standing between Daniel Craig and the 25th James Bond movie. Specifically, the number of zeroes behind Craig’s already astronomical salary number.

After reports that James Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson offered Craig a huge sum to reprise his role, executive producer Callum McDougall said on BBC Radio 4 that the actor is still “absolutely the first choice” (via Deadline) for the role.

The problem is that Craig doesn’t really want to do it; while promoting Spectre, he was very upfront about his feelings on the franchise, and even famously proclaimed that he’d “rather slash my wrists” than do another movie, and if he did agree, it’d “only be for the money.”

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Seeing as how the reported offer of $150 million evidently wasn’t enough, we can’t even imagine how much they’re willing to spend to get his face on another poster. Clearly, they must think his klout and performance will sell more tickets than any new actor they might bring in — who, let’s face it, would probably bring a lot more excitement to the project.

After four action-pumping installments (out of which only Casino Royal truly managed to wow critics), maybe it isn’t unsurprising that Craig is hesitant about returning.

After all, Daniel Craig is a highly sought-after actor, and as great as the Bond series is, one does kind of begin to blend in with the next. He likely wants to pursue other roles as well, and is certainly well enough off at this point that money isn’t necessarily a paramount concern in his life.

What do you think? Is it this important to get Daniel Craig back as James Bond, or is it time to cut ties and find some fresh blood for this franchise?

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