Readers get a closer look at Link in this exclusive Dangerous Creatures deleted scene that didn’t make it into the finished novel.

dangerous creatures deleted sceneDangerous Creatures is a new series set in the world of Beautiful Creatures, from authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.

This series follows Beautiful Creatures fan favourite characters Ridley Duchannes and Wesley “Link” Lincoln. Readers had their first taste of the spinoff when Garcia and Stohl published the novella Dangerous Dream last year.

In this exclusive reveal, Dangerous Creatures fans are treated to even more time with Link, Lena and Ethan. The scene focuses on Link, and while Ridley does not make an appearance, she is (as always) the topic of much conversation.

Dangerous Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl is available now.

‘Dangerous Creatures’ deleted scene:


An hour later, Link tossed a basketball against the wall of Ethan’s bedroom. Seeing as the old blue ceiling already had basketball marks on it, he figured it was time to change things up. Time to change everything up.

He sighed. “Man, college sucks already.”

“What do you know about college?” Ethan laughed, dumping the contents of the last of the shoeboxes stacked against his wall into a duffel bag. He threw the cardboard lid at Link’s head.

Link batted it away. “I know you’re not supposed to take your old baseball cards.”

Ethan shrugged. “I just took everything. We may not be back to Gatlin for a while.”

“Don’t talk like that,” Lena’s voice came up from down on the floor below the bed, even though Link could only see her torn-up Chucks. “We’ll see each other so much, it won’t be like we’re gone at all.”

“Speakin’ a which,” Link said, sitting up. “I gotta go. My mom’s waitin’ for me back home. She said we need to have a talk about usin’ protection in college.”

“Stop. My ears are bleeding.” Ethan covered his ears.

“I’m assuming she means the Bible?” Lena smiled up at Link from where she lay on Ethan’s rug.

Link palmed the ball with one giant hand, Incubus-style. “Nah. I think she’s talkin’ about keepin’ the kiddie lock on my computer. So I don’t accidentally look up naked pictures of Hermione Granger or somethin,’ while she’s not there to holler about it.” Link hadn’t actually finished any of the Harry Potter books, but he’d seen all the movies. Just so long as his mom didn’t know it.

“Your computer is probably too slow to download a picture of Hermione with or without clothes,” Ethan said.

“Satan can always find a way. Poor guy’s probably got a whole extra high-speed modem or somethin’ just for messin’ with my mom.”

Lena laughed. Ethan looked like his heart was about to explode every time she opened her mouth, even though she didn’t shock him or send him into cardiac arrest anymore.

Man, my best friend is whipped.

Link thought about how little had changed since the first day they’d all met. Until everything did. And it would keep changing.

Lena looked up the moment Link thought the words. “Do you really think everything will be different now?”

“Aw, come on. I hate it when you do that.” Link shook his head. Kelting was the worst.

Ethan finished zipping up his duffel. “Only the things we want to change, L.”

Which is nothing, Ethan.

I know, L.

“Oh my god you’re killin’ me. Would you two get a room?” Link threw the basketball at Ethan, who caught it.

“Hey, it’s not our fault you can hear us Kelt now.” Ethan grinned.

“Trust me. It’s one a those gifts I’d like to return.”

Ethan wrapped his arms around Lena and pulled her even tighter. She rested her head against his chest. Ethan looked at her, sadly. “My dad will want to come in and say goodbye. Prepare yourself in case Mrs. English is with him.”

They’d been dating all summer, which as far as Link was concerned, was about as disturbing as Mrs. English being possessed by a demon from another realm, in the first place.

“How can you expect a person to prepare for that?” Link made a face.

Ethan ignored him. “I hope he won’t be lonely, with both Amma and me gone.

This house is going to feel pretty quiet.”

The familiar Amma sadness settled over the room. No one said anything.

“There’s always the Sisters,” Link offered. “That’s ten kinds a crazy right there.”

“At least,” Ethan said, letting go of Lena. Link knew Ethan didn’t like to talk about his great-great-aunts, anymore. Not since Aunt Prue was gone.

Ethan shoved his bag toward the door.

Lena grabbed his backpack and followed. “Uncle Macon and Aunt Del said they’d check in on your dad. Just to make sure nothing weird happens while we’re gone.”

Link tossed the ball again. “You mean nothin’ like funny colored rings comin’ outta the fire?”

“Yeah,” Lena said, somberly. “Exactly like that.”

“Don’t get her started,” Ethan said. “It was nothing.”

“No.” She leaned against his wall and stared up at the ceiling. “Something isn’t right. That Cast shouldn’t have gone the way it did, and I don’t know why it happened.”

“And?” Link knew there was more, and he knew if he pushed, she’d tell him.

She looked at Link. “Something’s wrong with Ridley.”

“Tell me about it.” Link sighed. It had been a long summer.

“She isn’t herself, and she hasn’t been for days now.”

“Days? Try years.” Almost three now, he thought.

“I’m not kidding around, Link. I’m afraid something’s happening, and she’ll need me, and I won’t be there.”

Ethan interrupted. “Rid’s a big girl. She can take care of herself.”

Link and Lena started laughing. Lena’s mouth was still twisted into a smile when she answered him. “Okay, we all know that’s a lie.”

“Nobody can keep your cousin from getting into trouble.” Link shook his head.

“Not even me.”

“Good thing it’s not your job anymore,” she said.

Link tried not to think about how many times he’d called Rid last night. How many times he’d said goodbye to her, over the years. How it never stuck.

Is this really it all ends? I get in the Beater and drive away, and the lights come up on the credits? No more of the Ridley Duchannes show?

He tried to think about it, but he couldn’t because Ethan and Lena were at it again, and Link was stuck smack in the middle of it, as usual.

I’m going to miss you, Ethan Wate.

I know, L.

Damn his random hybrid antennae. Even his TV reception wasn’t this good.

“You’re two are killin’ me.”

Don’t forget me.

How can I forget you? You’re literally in my mind.

Lena laughed and reached up to Ethan for a kiss.

The ceiling light shattered, sending shards of white frosted glass flying in every direction—the same way the classroom light had on the first day they met. The current was so strong even Link could feel it. Electric shock, like the old days.

They pulled apart. Ethan shook his hand like he had touched a hot stove. “What was that?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it has something to do with last night and those weird rings.” Lena shook her head. “I told you guys. Something’s happening. Something bad.”

“No,” said Ethan. “Not again. Not to us.”

Link stared up at the shattered light, not saying a word.

Lena looked at them both. “It’s more than possible. Whatever it is, it’s here.”

Link shoved both of them toward the door. “Well, we’re not. Get in your car and get the hell outta this town. I’m not kidding. All of us have to get out of here as fast as we can.”

“Maybe,” said Lena, looking at her ring. “But I’m not sure we can stop this from coming, whatever it is.”

The ring was blood red.

So was Ethan’s.

Link dropped the basketball.

So was his.

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