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It might be time to put another checkmark on the “canceled” side of your 5×4 corkboard in your living room with one side marked “Reasons Community will get renewed” and “Reasons Community will get canceled.”

Sources have told TV blog Warming Glow that the season 4 sets have been torn down:

An UPROXX anonymous source has revealed to us that the Community set has been torn down. Then again, it’s likely they would have graduated, so in the very remote chance there is another season of the series, it might not take place at Greendale.

As the writer points out, there is a chance that the sets being torn down could merely indicate that season 5 would take place in a different location (four years of community college was stretching it and five years in a community college would suggest that the characters may actually have brain damage). Still, it’s yet another bad sign for the show’s renewal chances, without any other good signs to balance it out.

The only silver-lining we see is that NBC has put so much energy into this show as of late. It may have been energy deflecting bad press due to Dan Harmon and Chevy Chase’s respective departures, but it’s energy they didn’t necessarily have to spend if they were going to just going to cancel it anyway.

Plus, Community has been off the air a long time and in that time, the landscape of television has changed pretty drastically. Community was never going to pull in big ratings, but with the network ratings as low as they are now, if the show could just pull in its season 1 ratings, it might be considered a modest success.

The only step now is to watch closely for any cast and crew departures to other shows, and of course: watch the February 7 premiere.

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