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Before news broke today that Community would be returning on February 7 (and let’s re-affirm the official Hypable position on this of “Woo!”), there were some additional scheduling rumors…from north of the border.

Splitsider first reported that City TV’s website listed its Community premiere date as November 9. Shortly after that they changed the date to January 11. Now the site currently has that date listed with the message: “NO DATE HAS YET BEEN SET FOR THE RETURN OF COMMUNITY.” All-caps emphasis and passive-aggressive period theirs.

There are a lot of potential scenarios that could have played out here. It’s entirely possible that November 9 was just the original air date when October 19 was set in stone for the U.S. and City TV just never bothered to change their website. But the fact that they pushed it back to January 11 at first rather than just displaying the “NO DATE” message in the first place is telling. Now that Community has an official return date of February 7 in the U.S., will City TV dutifully reschedule to a later date?

Community’s audience is notoriously web-savvy and the amount of pirating from the Canadian broadcast would undoubtedly devastate NBC’s ratings for their airings of the show. So presumably City TV, NBC and Sony lawyers are all currently having a nice long chat about when Community can premiere in Canada.

We now know for sure that we’ll be getting season four in February but when the show debuts in Canada is suddenly very much worth monitoring.

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