Female creators celebrate First Second Books’ 10th anniversary

Jane Yolen, Faith Erin Hicks, and other female creators share their favorite panels for the 10th anniversary of First Second Books.

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The Winter Soldier faces off against Spider-Man in Thunderbolts #5, and frankly, it’s all very, very upsetting.

Marvel’s ‘Civil War II’ #5 review: The age of heroes

In issue #5 of Marvel’s Civil War II, the long-awaited battle between Team Iron Man and Team Captain Marvel comes to a halt when all parties experience a chilling vision about Captain America.

Fox is developing a film based on the life of Stan Lee

Setting aside the irony that Fox now owns the rights to Marvel legend Stan Lee’s life story, this is pretty exciting news!

Marvel’s ‘Thunderbolts’ #4 review: We’re on TV!

In Thunderbolts #4, one of Bucky’s new team-mates reflects on whether he’s choosing the right path as the Thunderbolts face their first ambush as wrongfully wanted criminals.

‘Captain America: Steve Rogers’ #4 review: Self-appointed heroes

In Captain America: Steve Rogers #4, we learn Steve’s true aim when it comes to restoring the glory of Hydra, and it’s not what you’ll expect. Also, he and Bucky keep missing each other’s phone calls.

‘Captain America: Sam Wilson’ #12 review: Real American values

In Captain America: Sam Wilson #12, Sam finds himself in the middle of an police riot, and another shield-wielding patriot is asked to knock the former Falcon off his perch.

Emily Carmichael joins ‘Lumberjanes’ movie adaptation as director

Rejoice! The Lumberjanes adaptation is moving forward as the film gains its director.

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Hawkeye killed the Hulk – but was it murder? Marvel’s Civil War II #4 reveals the verdict of Clint Barton’s trial and its effect on Captain Marvel and Iron Man.