Comic-Con '16

‘Lucifer’ at SDCC: Aimee Garcia on what to expect from Ella Lopez

Aimee Garcia shared some details at Comic-Con about what to expect from her character, Ella Lopez, when she joins the cast of Lucifer this Fall.

These marriage proposals from San Diego Comic-Con will warm your fannish heart

At San Diego Comic-Con 2016, several couples shared the love and put a ring on it at the heart of all things geek.

‘Star Trek Beyond’ movie review: A bold return to a beloved Trek

For any Trek fans that may have been wary about the third installment in the Kelvin timeline, following the first action-packed trailer, stow those worries. Star Trek Beyond is the closest movie in spirit and tone to The Original Series.

‘Lucifer’ cast reflect on season 1, preview what’s next for Maze and Amenadiel

Lucifer‘s first season was one hell of a journey, and during the Comic-Con round-tables showrunner Joe Henderson reflected on it, deviations from the comic, and where the show is going next.

‘Lucifer’ cast discuss how ‘Mom’ will shake up season 2

In the dying moments of Lucifer‘s freshman season it was revealed that Lucifer and Amenadiel’s mother had escaped from Hell. At San Diego Comic-Con, the cast and showrunner Joe Henderson detailed how Mom will shake up season 2.

‘Supernatural’ at SDCC: Misha Collins says Castiel ‘comes out swinging’ in season 12

At SDCC, we spoke to Supernatural star Misha Collins about Castiel’s role in season 12, time travel, and “getting his mojo back.”

A Day In The Life at SDCC: A Very ‘Supernatural’ Sunday

What’s it actually like to be a Hypable writer at SDCC? I wrapped up my SDCC with three — count ’em — three Supernatural panels, a very odd experience for a newbie fan not yet caught up on the show.

A Day In The Life at SDCC: When Saturday queue stress sets in, head to Nerd HQ

What’s it actually like to be a Hypable writer at SDCC? Read our daily diary. Saturday’s always the craziest day of the convention and it was no different this year — there were some big hits, but also some big misses.

‘Archie Comics’ gets a sexy spin with the CW’s ‘Riverdale’

Riverdale will be premiering midseason next winter on the CW, and at San Diego Comic-Con, Hypable got the scoop on what you can expect when the classic characters from the comics get their TV teen drama debut.