Christina Aguilera takes inspiration from a flower for her upcoming album, Lotus, due in November.

The singer and coach on NBC’s The Voice made the announcement on Twitter following a Q&A chat with fans where she also revealed the official debut for the album’s first single, “Your Body.”


The single will be available for digital download Monday, Sept. 17, according to Xtina’s Facebook page. But the “Your Body” demo leaked online in August revealing explosive lyrics and a dance-floor worthy tune.

“All I want to do is f—k your body,” Xtina sings in the chorus. “Tonight’s your lucky night. I know you want it.”

As the leaked version was just a demo, the song released Friday could sound slightly different. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if the lyrics were toned down a bit to something like “rock your body.”

A sneak peek at the “Your Body” music video, directed by Melina Matsoukas and which Xtina described as “playful tongue-in-cheek,” will air Sept. 17 during The Voice.

Xtina explained the title of her sixth English-language studio album tweeting that it represents “an unbreakable flower that survives under the hardest conditions and still thrives.” Lotus will follow 2010’s lackluster Bionic, which produced singles in “Not Myself Tonight” and “You Lost Me.”

Lotus may also include a song with fellow The Voice coach Cee Lo Green.

“It’s a song for her album. I won’t disclose the title, because it could possibly be a working title,” Cee Lo told Billboard in April. “You know, but we’ve talked about it amongst ourselves, and I’m gonna go in on it and work it out. It’ll be the second song we’ve done.”

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC.