One fun aspect of The Hunger Games‘ promotional campaign was the Capitol Couture website which offered looks at the Capitol’s fashion.

Today, the site has relaunched for Catching Fire. Naturally, the first issue is all about Effie.

The spring issue of Capitol Couture, titled Chroma Nouveau, features a great profile on Effie Trinket with several new photos of our favorite fashionista. Her cover story profile includes a day-in-the-life article where we see what Effie is up to on a day when “cameras aren’t rolling.” For example…

11:00 am: Effie meets with the designer of the dress she’ll be wearing later this evening. The creation is exquisite; a flamingo’s dream of pink ruffles. “It’s a shame I can only wear it once,” says Effie.

1:00 pm: She sits down to a sumptuous feast filled with the finest of fare and quaffs, accompanied by the most cultured conversation… and served on a mahogany table no less.

4:00 pm: We head to an exclusive unnamed salon – (we can say some of your favorites like Portia & Flavius themselves have been known to get their own ‘dos done here) – it’s time to get to work on her hair and nails.  

Pictures of Effie in her Victory Tour dress were also unveiled:

'Catching Fire' movie: Effie in her Victory Tour dress

'Catching Fire' movie: Effie in her Victory Tour dress

Also in the first issue of the new Capitol Couture is an inside look at the making of the above Victory Tour dress thanks to an interview with “Capitol Stylist Trish Summerville.”

“‘I chose this design [for Effie] to appear vibrant, cheery and over-the-top in true Capitol fashion, for President Snow and all the viewers.’ The sleeves, undoubtedly the focus of this piece, are luxurious, fur-like, and custom-dyed with a pattern reminiscent of feathers. With a bodice and skirt of cobalt blue patent leather,  Ms. Summerville perfectly cinches Effie’s waist with laser-cut golden overlays. Ms. Trinket’s signature curly wig, worn high, is voluminous with not a single hair out of place.”

Visit for all of the article’s in the spring issue.

Speaking of fashion, we learned earlier this month that CoverGirl has teamed up with Catching Fire to launch a new beauty line inspired by Capitol looks. The first campaign, being released in the fall, will “bring beauty transformation to life in an aspirational, dramatic fashion.”

Promotion for the highly anticipated The Hunger Games sequel has been slowly ramping up. Over the past few weeks we’ve been treated to a gorgeous poster and a photo call at Cannes. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hits theaters November 22.

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