One of Twilight fans’ favorite moments from Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn book was the scene in which tensions soar between Jacob and Rosalie when the latter gives the wolf a bowl with food in it.

The scene was shot for Breaking Dawn – Part 1 but was then removed. In October, actress Nikki Reed tried to explain why it was taken out. “We shot the dog bowl scene,” confirmed Reed. “In fact we shot it enough times for my head to hurt because I was smacked in the head with various items that I’m sure at some point will be CGI’d into dog bowls – and one time it was a rubber dog bowl, and Taylor’s pretty strong.”

Today, thanks to what we presume is a leak from the Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Extended Edition hitting store shelves this March, we get to see the dog bowl scene! Watch below as there’s a lull in the Cullen home while Bella rests. Esme suggests that Rosalie brings Jacob some food, which she does after some convincing. We then see Rosalie bring Jacob a hot dog in a bowl, followed by Jacob chucking the bowl back at her. Rosalie doesn’t like how Jacob hit her hair.

Both the Breaking Dawn – Part 1 Extended Edition and Breaking Dawn – Part 2 DVD/Blu-rays will be available on March 2.

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