This week I thought I’d share my favorite TV villains. I know this list is a bit SciFi heavy but hey, it’s what I’m into. The list is just my take and a starting off point for the comments!

In the immortal words of River Song…


10. Shane Walsh (The Walking Dead)

Shane was always the odd man out in the show. During the first season he had to deal with Rick seemingly coming back from the dead and reclaiming his family. He had to deal with his guilt over his feelings for Lori, his loyalty to Rick and the constant fear of attack. Slowly he was coming unhinged. Things really took a turn for the worst during the second season when Shane sacrificed Otis to save Carl.

I think that’s the point where he really went from misunderstood character to full on villain status. Though he sacrificed Otis for Carl he tried to lie about it and that guilt sent him over the edge. I think that in Shane’s mind he was the hero of the group and no one could see it. It makes sense that he wanted to get rid of Rick so that he could take over the group once and for all. Though Rick kills him in the end, its sad because Shane was just doing what he thought was right. Which makes him the very best kind of villain.

9. Trinity (Dexter)

When they first introduced Trinity, I thought wow, how does this guy work as a character? A serial killer who’s also a loving family man? I didn’t understand this, the same way that Dexter didn’t understand it. As the fourth season progressed and Dexter began to peel back the layers of Trinity and his family, a much darker picture emerged. Trinity unlike Dexter was a misogynistic, child abusive man. A person Dexter thought could be his mentor turned out to be his greatest enemy. I think Trinity was terrifying because on the outside he was so normal.

He was a schoolteacher for god’s sake. It gave weight to the idea that anyone could be a serial killer but in the end Dexter had to realize that he was nothing like Trinity. While he was a killer, he loved his wife and children and he was a kind person, unlike Trinity. Besides, Dexter only kills bad people. See, I can justify being a serial killer. The last few moments of season 4 will forever haunt me, Dexter walking into his house, hearing his crying son and finding his wife dead in the their bath tub, it was a shocking and completely ballsy thing for a show to do. Trinity didn’t hold back, he ruined Dexter’s life and as such he was the best villain on the show.

8. Victoria Grayson (Revenge)

Though the show has only been on for a season Victoria Grayson is the perfect foil for Emily’s revengeful plans. If you’ve never seen the show, it follows one Emily Thorne a wealthy socialite who returns to the Hamptons to seek revenge on the Grayson’s and more specifically Victoria for framing her father and shipping him off to jail.

It’s a lot more intense than that. Victoria is the perfect Queen Bee, everyone wants to be her and everyone also hates her at the same time. She’s fiercely over protective of her family, especially her son Daniel and she will lie, backstab, and betray anyone and everyone to get her way. She’s someone you don’t want on your bad side. I’m so excited to see how much she’s willing to sacrifice and how many people she will burn to save Daniel.

7. Klaus (Vampire Diaries)

I loved the first season of the Vampire Diaries and then I immediately went out and bought the book series by L.J Smith. If you recall Klaus was a big deal in the books and I couldn’t wait for him to show up on the show. Safe to say he delivered and then some. Klaus is the perfect, misunderstood, murdering hybrid. The great thing about him is that not only is he really evil, he’s also really lonely. He comes with 1,000 years of family baggage, fused with guilt and anger.

What I’m saying is, I see where he’s coming from. I think that this season has tried to really humanize Klaus so much so that I kind of feel pity for him. I want people to like him, I want him to start liking himself. But of course that’s easier said then done. I hope he makes it through the finale because in true Vampire Diaries fashion, no one is ever safe.

6. Charles Logan (24)

I hated Charles Logan from the moment he stepped on screen. He was everything a leader shouldn’t be, petty, naïve, and arrogant. He unfortunately took over the Presidency after the real President was killed, so technically no one wanted him there. At first President Logan was just a bumbling fool, he blew a mission Jack was on by having Jack arrested, and then subsequently had a metaphorical punch in the face when he realized how wrong he had been. Most of season five I thought Logan was just an idiot and then after the big reveal we all found out he wasn’t stupid, just evil.

Evil, evil, evil. Ok so maybe not that evil. But he was behind the attacks of the day and that’s pretty evil to me. In the end Logan got his and was impeached but apparently never charged. He was pardoned by the next President, wait what? So much for justice! Logan came back in the seventh season and almost destroyed the country again and Jack stopped him, again. See a pattern? I really love that in all seven seasons of the show, after all the terrorist and overseas threats to the US the biggest was it’s own President. RIP (maybe?) Charles Logan. You will not be missed.

5. Sylar (Heroes)

Sylar was the coolest villain on TV. Here we will pretend like Heroes only lasted one glorious season because I don’t want to relive the rest of it. Yet for that one season it was pure perfection and a lot of that had to do with Sylar. Here was a guy who could take other peoples powers, only catch? He had to literally open their brain up to do it. Sylar didn’t care about being a killer, he just wanted to have every power possible.

Apparently no one told him Peter just did it by standing next to someone. What a bummer right? Legend has it that NBC wanted the writers to bring back Sylar after season one and not kill him off like the writers planned to. Lame, he tried to be a good guy, then he was Nathan for a while? I don’t know. It got weird, but we’ll always have season one.

4. Lucifer (Supernatural)

It took me a while to get the fact that this show had been leading up to Lucifer from the beginning. The yellow-eyed demon haunted the Winchester boys for years, literally and metaphorically. What did he want with Sam? Why was he building an army? It was all so vague and unknown. Then we found out, and it was awesome. He wanted to have Lucifer rise from hell and basically begin the end of the world. Revelations, the great war between angels and demons, which would lead to paradise on Earth.

This was all done on a network show, suck on that HBO. It was a shame Mark Pellegrino didn’t get all the awards for his amazing performance as Satan himself. He was cool, he was funny and he was well, Satan. He was the Winchesters’ greatest enemy and essentially everyone’s greatest enemy when you think back. In the end the boys sacrificed everything to get him back into his cage and save the world. No thanks to those Angels. The show proved once again that the Emmys purposefully don’t take shows seriously because they are on the CW. The last episode of season five was undoubtedly one of the best in TV.

3. The Master (Doctor Who)

I came to ‘Doctor Who’ completely unprepared for anything. I didn’t know much about it other than my friends were dying for me to watch. The Master ended up being one of my favorite characters on the whole show. He was hilarious, he was vicious, and he was a Time Lord! For the first time I really felt like he was an equal to the Doctor in a way other villains hadn’t been. I found his story so intriguing, he was a very detached and hurt man, betrayed by the people he swore loyalty to, not unlike the Doctor himself.

At the end of season three he almost did beat the Doctor, and had I seen it live, I would have been genuinely terrified he was going to kill the Doctor. His return in season four was great as well. He was much darker as a character and his eventual demise was a bit heroic no? Rumor has it The Master might make an appearance this upcoming season. Fingers Crossed!

2. Ben Linus (LOST)

Remember when Ben was just an innocent man the group found on the island? Yeah me neither, because even then we all knew Ben was bad news. As ‘LOST’ history goes, Ben Linus was meant to be a short lived character, the writers didn’t plan on him sticking around long but as season two came to a close it was clear the fans were absolutely in love with Ben. I was absolutely one of them. The thing about Ben Linus was that you never believed him and if you did you knew he was never telling you the whole truth.

That’s a huge testament to Michael Emerson who rightfully deserved the Emmys he won. As the seasons went on it became apparent that Ben wasn’t the diabolical mastermind we all thought he was, a lot of the time he was just kind of making it up or listening to Jacob. I think that things took a turn for the worst for Ben after he killed Locke and then after he killed Jacob. He just wasn’t the same, he lost his way. In the end he helped Hurley take over the Island and that was great to see. I feel like he was somewhat redeemed, even if he didn’t think so.

1. Jim Moriarty (Sherlock)

Could there have been a better villain, ever? I think so many of us watch TV and we see really cool villains, but then eventually they lose that magic, that mystery and they just become kind of boring. That never happened with Jim Moriarty. He is without a doubt the best villain I have seen on television. Part genius, part psychopath, and all comedy. This guy stole every scene he was in. Which given the other characters in those scenes (Sherlock, Watson) is a pretty hard thing to do. He was the perfect counterpart to Sherlock, someone completely like him in every way, but at the same time completely different.

Andrew Scott deserves all the awards for his performance and so do the writers. The last episode of season two was absolutely insane. I really didn’t think Jim would kill himself. I was always under the impression that Jim cared more about himself than about winning, but he proved me wrong. It was always a game for Jim and his death was just the last way to win against Sherlock. RIP Jim Moriarty, you were the funniest psychopath ever.

What do you guys think of the list? What are your favorite TV Villains? Sound off in the comments and as always, feel free to follow me on Twitter @FC429 !

Note: I really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments on last week’s Top 10 List. I definitely didn’t think it would get so much attention and it actually ended up having well over 180 comments! So thanks for reading and responding so passionately! A few things I didn’t realize, the Ross and Rachel love! Wow! I love the couple as well, but you guys really love them. Don’t think that I don’t, I just had 10 spots to fill in! Also to those Pacey/Joey shippers, I haven’t seen Dawson’s Creek (I fail) and same goes for HIMYM (double fail)! Those are most definitely on my list!

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