Best and Worst Movie Posters of 2012

2:00 pm EST, December 31, 2012

Every year, fandoms and movie lovers the world over get hundreds of new movie posters (sometimes 10 or 12 from the same movie) and there are always a few that elicit an “Oooo!” of excitement, or an “Ugh!” of disgust. Some that we hate may be from movies we love, and occasionally we even love posters from movies we hate.

As we are HUGE movie junkies, it’s sometimes hard to pick and choose from the myriad of options out there, especially when you try and choose between genres. Do you go for the poster for the drama that’s beautifully crafted and intricate, or the option from the cheeky indie comedy that makes you smile? And where does that leave our fandom movies that we love on principle? How are you supposed to choose?!

While our favorites may not always match up with everyone elses’ opinions, it’s always fun to take a look back and try and select the best and worst from the year past, so we wanted to highlight a few of the hits and misses in the movie poster business from 2012. Let’s start with the best…

The Best

10. 21 Jump Street

There is just something about this poster that represents high school prom in all the best ways… balloons, banners, streamer curtains, plus there’s the added bonus of Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill in white tuxes. While it may not be screaming creativity or anything, this poster represents everything that the movie is, and it does so brilliantly.

9. Jeff Who Lives at Home

Anyone with siblings knows that this poster says so much, and with very little. You get the immediate impression that this movie isn’t flashy or over the top, but you will get a good look at a pair of brothers and how they function as a family. The wood paneling and dated photos transport you back to your childhood home and get you in the perfect mindset for this movie.

8. Wanderlust

There’s just something refreshing about a poster that doesn’t even need the faces of the leads to be compelling that makes us smile. How can you not feel the freedom bursting out of this poster? It makes us want to kick off our shoes & join in, and whether or not you liked the movie itself, this poster just puts us in a good mood.

7. Moonrise Kingdom

The old school feel of this poster is what makes it so remarkable. Upon seeing it, we were not only drawn back into the world of the movie, but it made us nostalgic for old class photos from school, and giant group shots from summer camp. I can almost smell the pine woodchips and the smoldering campfires now…

6. Brave

While there is still a dramatically mixed reaction to this movie, it is hard to deny the beauty drawn into the vista in this poster. The green of the hills and the red of Merida’s hair bring an undeniably Scottish air to the visuals and surely do their job in enticing you into the breathtaking world of Brave.

5. Beasts of the Southern Wild

Such a simple poster, but it’s dramatic and effective nonetheless. The colors and unfocused realness of the design entice us to dive into this little girl’s world and find out what exactly Beasts of the Southern Wild is all about.

4. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

While this may seem a little controversial, we find this poster simply fabulous. The idea of Abraham Lincoln hunting vampires is campy and ridiculous, but this poster manages to make the whole idea seem credible, while also creating a beautiful nighttime backdrop that sets the scene perfectly. We weren’t sure there was a way to make such a stunning poster for such a crazy movie, but the people behind Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter definitely knew what they were doing.

3. Killing Them Softly

In many ways, simple is best. This poster represents that idea in the all the best ways. It highlights the idea of the movie without going over the top or committing the cardinal sin of bad movie posters, slapping the lead in the center of the poster to eliminate all need for creativity. This film is all about guns for hire and how they handle death, and nothing illustrates that better than a bloody thumbprint and a business card.

2. The Master

The Master lead award show discussion for quite a bit of the fall film season, but has been overshadowed in the wake of nominations for the Critics Choice and Golden Globes. When it comes to movie posters though, this is the perfect way to highlight the general feel of the movie without going over the top. It subtly gives you ideas of the dated setting of the film, and the use of the water line gives a subtle hint to where this film will take place without beating you over the head with it. The beautiful simplicity seriously gives this poster an edge over its competition.

1. Les Miserables

There was a great potential for disaster with this poster, but Tom Hooper and company nailed it. Based upon the iconic image of little Cosette that has graced numerous playbills and programs the world over, the movie poster manages to pay homage to that of the stage show, while also painting a realistic idea of what this film is going to be. Les Miserables is a classic musical that is bound to succeed, and with posters like this, there is no doubt as to why.


10. Flight

While the movie has had mixed reviews, this poster makes our worst list at number 10 due to 2 distinct things. One, the simplicity of this poster would make a real impact if it wasn’t so confusing. If this movie is ultimately about a plane crash and the life of the pilot, why does this poster not, at least, show a plane in freefall, or at least slanted toward the ground. Two, a person could gather from the title alone that this movie includes airplanes, so what more do we learn from this poster? The answer is nothing. Basically, we just expected more.

9. Cloud Atlas

This poster represents everything that is wrong with large ensemble cast film posters these days. While we understand the desire to put all those gorgeous faces on one poster, it ends up just feeling muddled and overdone. Not to mention that the resulting collage of heads ends up looking like some creepy monster. Plus, for a movie as complex as Cloud Atlas, surely there is a better way to represent the film that with a typical comic book style fashion…

8. Dark Shadows

While this poster isn’t a total disaster, it makes our list because it raises more questions than answers, which may be good for a movie, but it spells disaster for a poster. First of all, why is everyone’s skin tone the exact same as Johnny Depp, who is supposed to be playing a vampire? It almost seems as if they all decided to splash flour all over their faces, and, frankly, looks a bit ridiculous. Also, this has to be one of the lamest taglines of the year. “Every family has its demons.” Really? Yeah, we aren’t even gonna go there.

7. Celeste and Jesse Forever

This poster for Celeste and Jesse Forever makes the list basically due to boredom. It doesn’t inspire much desire to see the movie and it doesn’t give much of an idea as to what this story is all about. Also, its not exactly a great picture of the two leads, and they are not ugly folk. Frankly, we just expected more. When you have such amazing talents to showcase in Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg, surely the poster could pack more punch.

6. Hope Springs

We all know that Meryl Streep is amazing and there is no doubt that we all adore her, so nothing against the lady, but this poster is quite… weird. First, if you stare at her hand that is touching her face long enough, it starts to seem like maybe her hand shouldn’t bend that way, which just weirded us out. Also, there had to be a better way to sell a movie about an older couple spicing things up in their marriage than with Meryl Streep in a bookstore.

5. The Apparition

No offense to Ashley Greene, but in this poster, she looks more pissed off than scared, which throws the whole idea of this scary movie into jeopardy. Plus, are those human hands? Or ghostly hands? And why is she naked? The weirdness of all of those questions equals the sum total of why this poster made our worst list. Now we have to just stop looking at it…

4. Playing for Keeps

Why does photoshopping actors and actresses onto colored blocks make producers think people are going to pay to see the movie? If we had never seen a trailer for this movie, we would have no idea that Gerard Butler is playing a retired soccer stud who coaches a little league team. While you can probably guess that this is some sort of romantic comedy, this poster does nothing to sell the film, and if the powers behind the movie can’t sell it, maybe it’s just not worth seeing.

3. Joyful Noise

One look at this poster and an unsettling question arises… What kind of auditorium has a balcony like that and sits the audience on both sides of the stage? It just made us wonder where exactly the stage is in that place. We get that sometimes you’re supposed to suspend belief in a movie, but a poster that seems to defy logic usually just leaves us scratching our heads, rather than running to the box office to buy a ticket.

2. Chasing Mavericks

What exactly are Gerard Butler and the other guy (what’s his name again?) supposed to be doing in this poster? They don’t seem to be looking at each other, and the placement of their floating heads just seems awkward. Well, at least we’ve been given a wave in the picture so we know that this movie is about surfing. With a title like Chasing Mavericks, it could be about anything, so at least we get a hint. Overall, this poster just fails in one too many ways…

1. Katy Perry: Part of Me

Lastly, our worst movie poster of the year goes to Katy Perry: Part of Me, and it has nothing to do with her, or her purple hair. Mostly, how is a poster in which she is sitting in popcorn supposed to inspire us to go to the theatre? It sort of just grossed us out, thinking about people sitting in our popcorn. Plus, there’s that really awkward look on her face. Poor Katy.

Well, there we are! Our 10 best and worst movie posters from this year. We hope you may have discovered 1 or 2 new ones, or maybe you have a favorite that we didn’t mention (or one that you just HATED). Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you thought about this year’s stock of movie posters.

Doctor Who season 10 finally has an air date and not only that, so does its spinoff, Class!

It’s time to celebrate because we finally know when we’ll see Peter Capaldi back in the T.A.R.D.I.S. as the Doctor! BBC America will premiere Doctor Who season 10 on Saturday, April 15 at 9/8c. Check out the brand new trailer promoting the series, narrated by the brand new companion, Bill:

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Doctor Who season 10 finally has an air date and not only that, so does its spinoff, Class!

It’s time to celebrate because we finally know when we’ll see Peter Capaldi back in the T.A.R.D.I.S. as the Doctor! BBC America will premiere Doctor Who season 10 on Saturday, April 15 at 9/8c. Check out the brand new trailer promoting the series, narrated by the brand new companion, Bill:

No word on if the U.K. will be seeing the same air date but it’s more than likely they will since it’s been like that in years past.

This will be Peter Capaldi’s last season as the Doctor, along with Steven Moffat’s last season running the show. After this we’ll be seeing Chris Chibnall taking the reins with a clean slate, and we’re so curious about how the series will go. How will the Doctor regenerate? Will this be Bill’s first and last season on the show as well? Who’s going to be the next Doctor? We’ve got so many questions! But they’ll all be answered in due time… we hope.

And that’s not all! Fans in the U.K. have already had the chance to enjoy the brand new spinoff series, Class, and after Doctor Who premieres on April 15 Americans will finally witness it as well.

Set to air directly after Doctor Who at 10/9c, Class is helmed by award-winning YA writer and executive producer, Patrick Ness. The series follows a group of students at Coal Hill School as they deal aliens, invasions and awkward social dilemmas.

Having seen Class in its entirety we can tell you that it’s got the perfect Doctor Who vibe and should fit in perfectly after you watch the season 10 premiere. Although not everyone loved the premiere, the series as whole definitely grows on you. You’ll just have to check it out for yourself!

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Can Clarke stop King Roan and his Azgeda army from marching on Arkadia? Find out what to expect in next week’s The 100 season 4, episode 5 “The Tinder Box.”

Clarke makes a desperate plea with a former allied force in an attempt to avoid a war and ensure the survival of her people.

The fifth episode of The 100 season 4, titled “The Tinder Box,” was written by Morgan Gendel and directed by John F. Showalter. Proceed for our spoiler-light preview!

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Can Clarke stop King Roan and his Azgeda army from marching on Arkadia? Find out what to expect in next week’s The 100 season 4, episode 5 “The Tinder Box.”

Clarke makes a desperate plea with a former allied force in an attempt to avoid a war and ensure the survival of her people.

The fifth episode of The 100 season 4, titled “The Tinder Box,” was written by Morgan Gendel and directed by John F. Showalter. Proceed for our spoiler-light preview!

Where last week’s episode “A Lie Guarded” featured an emotional confrontation at Arkadia while Abby’s island team was in imminent physical danger, this episode flips their positions: This time it’s Clarke and her friends whose lives are at risk, while in Becca’s lab, the conflict is of a different nature.

In the first three episodes of the season, Roan was willing to work with Clarke and Skaikru, despite the fact that this threatened his already precarious position as King of the Grounders without a Nightblood as Commander. But after losing the Flame and discovering that Skaikru have been working to build a shelter for the Arkadians and are now trying to make Nightbloods of their own, Roan is (understandably) feeling betrayed.

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Last week, he took action by capturing Kane and Bellamy and massacring the Trikru forces in Polis, claiming that it was Skaikru, not him, that ended the alliance.

In The 100 season 4, episode 5, Roan makes good on his promise of war, taking an army to march on Arkadia. As the promo reveals, Clarke will try to stop them on the way, and she squares off against their army in a rocky ravine, a picturesque rainbow in the horizon adding the only touch of color to this otherwise grim picture.

The 100 4x05 Clarke

The situation should remind viewers of Clarke’s first meeting with the Grounders on the bridge in The 100 season 1: Like when she faced off against Anya, she’s on her own against a leader on horseback, and she’s once again brought backup in the form of Sky People with guns.

But where season 1-Clarke was on a desperate mission to save her people and tried to feed Anya promises she couldn’t keep, season 4-Clarke has learned a thing or two about negotiating with Grounders.

As if stopping a war with her words isn’t a big enough challenge for Clarke though, Roan has brought Bellamy and Kane along as hostages, his soldiers holding swords to their throats as they all stare each other down.

Clarke Griffin may have come a long way since she first landed on the ground, but can she stop a war and bring her friends home safely?

The 100 4x05 Riley

Another problem, to add to the growing list, turns out to be none other than everyone’s favorite newcomer (what do you mean he hasn’t been here the whole time?!) Riley, who is one of two characters in this episode haunted by their past traumas and seeking a way to slay their demons.

As the promo reveals, he’s got Roan in the crosshairs of his rifle, seemingly ready to fire. “One shot,” Monty warns in the promo, “and we’ll be at war.” But no pressure or anything.

The 100 Clarke Roan

Where last week’s episode of The 100 was a thrillingly uncomfortable experience — watching Clarke being exposed, while on the island everyone was a hairsbreadth away from being killed by the drones — “The Tinder Box” is a different sort of tense.

This episode is a lesson in war tactics; Morgan Gendel is a master of his craft, having written for countless TV series including Law & Order and Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the way he juggles different character motivations and points of conflict ignition makes it all seem effortless (it’s not).

The three interweaving storylines may seem separate at first glance, but in fact, they are all reflections of the episode’s over-arching theme, with The 100‘s trio of female leads Clarke, Raven and Octavia serving as the respective focal point of each story.

But many other characters including Bellamy, Echo, Abby, Riley and Monty also prove key players in this subtle game of provoking or negotiating conflict. Everyone has the power to save or doom everyone else at any moment, and all it takes is for one character to take a misstep, and it’ll ruin everything.

More than any other episode this season (except maybe “Heavy Lies the Crown”), “The Tinder Box” really hammers home that The 100 is an ensemble piece where every character’s decisions have equal weight in the narrative, and everyone’s actions have wide-ranging consequences.

10 teases for ‘The 100’ season 4, episode 5

The 100 season 4 episode 5 Raven

  1. There isn’t often cause to be happy on a show like The 100, but this week we’re treated to the full power of Lindsey Morgan’s brilliant smile.
  2. Monty is, once again, the MVP of the episode. Why wasn’t he on the list, again?
  3. Bellamy and Echo have a confrontation.
  4. In Becca’s lab, Eric! Jackson gets to be the voice of reason.
  5. Pike may be gone, but his wisdom (?) has not been forgotten.
  6. There’s a frustrated weariness to both Clarke and Bellamy this week; both are visibly fed up with Azgeda’s war-thirsty way of life.
  7. Every season, The 100 finds new ways of exploring the question: What is one life against the survival of the entire human race? This episode sets up more than one potential future dilemma of this nature.
  8. Clarke isn’t the only one whose way with words will come in handy this week: Bellamy will also find cause to break out his motivational speech superpower.
  9. This episode sees the return of both Niylah and Ilian, both of whom interact mainly with Octavia.
  10. Expect to spend your one-week break between this episode and “We Will Rise” theorizing wildly about what will happen next!

The 100‘ season 4, episode 5 ‘We Will Rise’ airs Wednesday at 9/8c on The CW

Want more The 100 content? Check our our recent interview with actor Bob Morley, composer Tree Adams, language creator David J. Peterson and showrunner Jason Rothenberg!

Here are the rest of the promotional stills for “The Tinder Box,” via The CW:

How to Get Away with Murder just dropped a bombshell as we found out the truth behind #WhoKilledWes. However, that reveal isn’t the only moment fans are buzzing about.

Obvious spoilers below.

1. Laurel’s emotional demand

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How to Get Away with Murder just dropped a bombshell as we found out the truth behind #WhoKilledWes. However, that reveal isn’t the only moment fans are buzzing about.

Obvious spoilers below.

1. Laurel’s emotional demand

After confessing to both Michaela why Connor was at the house the night Wes died one of the many shocking reveals of the episode is made. “Connor might have killed Wes.” As it turns out, Connor showed up at the Keating home after responding to Annalise’s plea for them to all meet there. As he arrived he found signs of a struggle, and even more, Wes’s warm body in the basement.

Connor could smell gas, but still he persisted in trying to resuscitate Wes through CPR. For over a minute he cried and pounded on the dying boy’s chest until he heard a crack of bone, a fractured rib. He fears he might have punctured a lung. He fears he might have been the one to strike the deadly blow.

Once the confession is made the Keating crew reacts. Oliver pleads for understanding. Annalise reassures Connor that he didn’t do this. Bonnie tries to play mediator, keeping everyone calm. Finally Laurel, in a blindingly emotional rage, instructs Connor to go and kill himself. Saying such action will be the only good thing he will ever do with his life.

2. Annalise’s hidden voicemail

Connor and Oliver were adamant that nothing on the copy of Annalise’s phone was incriminated. Then why would she ask Oliver to erase it? Well when Connor is about to be arrested for Wes’ murder fans find out just what Annalise was so afraid of. he discloses to Denver the location of the copy, and Annalise comes forward with what she wanted to hide.

The night that Wes died he left her a voicemail, explaining ADA Atwood’s plan to take her down for the murder of Sam and Rebecca Stutter. His exact words are “I can’t let you go down for what I did.” He begs her to come home, to talk about it, to discuss their options. But he died before any arrangements could be made. In fact, he was taken down moments after the call was made.

What is truly shocking however isn’t the voicemail itself. The kicker is how Annalise uses the voicemail to pin it all on a new suspect to clear her own name. Wes. Out of context, the voicemail sounds like Wes is confessing to killing both Sam and Rebecca. Annalise is able to twist the story to make it look like Wes took his own life out of guilt. She tarnishes his reputation forever.

3. Oliver’s shocking request

After Connor answers the burner phone Denver used to stay in contact with Atwood throughout Wes’ death, he goes missing. He is caught by Denver and taken to a hidden location where he is held against his will.  While held, he is questioned about his involvement with Wes’ death. He is accused of murdering Sam. He is threatened to be held for more than the legal 48 hours.

Meanwhile, Oliver heightens to a frenzy. In a panicked state he obsesses about the whereabouts of his boyfriend. He brings up the severity of the situation almost every time his face shows up on our screens. While most (Laurel) believe that Connor has taken Wes’ immunity deal, Oliver remains convinced that Connor is in immediate danger.

He isn’t wrong. Connor is nearly arrested for the murder of Wes. Luckily, after the voicemail comes to light he is released. When he arrives home the two boys engage in a moment of passion, literally ripping the clothes off of each other. They talk about safety, moving to California, making babies, and loving each other forever. To Connor it’s all tied to the sex. To Oliver, however, it’s much more. He’s serious. He asks Connor to marry him.

4. Michaela’s oddly-timed confession

In the heat of everything going on Asher declares his love for Michaela. He calls this year the most awful of his life. He can’t let another moment go by without telling Michaela how he feels. As he spends a few tender moments showing Michaela his heart she pretends to hear Laurel from the other room. She effectively flees the situation.

Michaela doesn’t feel she can honestly answer that question. She doesn’t know. In fact, she doesn’t know if she has ever been in love. However, when it comes down to it, as Michaela has to pretend she wants to go home with Charles Mahoney she realizes something. She does love Asher. Or at least she thinks she does. That’s right, the girl who has always held her true intentions hidden deep inside finally opens up in a women’s public restroom, no less.

5. Wes’ murderer revealed

As the final episode of season 3 came to a close we felt pretty sure that the mysterious hitman was in cahoots with Denver. He never denied it, he almost seemed to confess as Annalise threatened to take him down. As she accused him of having a hand in Wes’ death in some way he seemed so guilty. It had to be him. The very last moments of the episode revealed a very different story, however.

As Laurel began to run down Charles Mahoney who awaited Michaela at a cab she ran into a similar face. Although, she and the audience had much different reasons for recognizing him. To her this man was Dominique, a family friend. To the audience he was the hitman who injected Wes with the lethal substance that took his life.

In one final flashback we see Connor running past the hitman’s car as he talks on the phone. He confirms that the deed is done. Wes is dead. But he doesn’t relay this news to Denver. He is speaking with Laurel’s father. The orchestrator of this all.

What moment stood out to you most in the ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ season 3 finale?