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We’ve heard it before in one of the coolest exchanges of dialogue released from The Avengers so far: Loki proudly boasts to Tony Stark that he “has an army.” There’s been huge speculation about what that might entail, but recent trailers have revealed some film footage that may shed more light on who exactly Loki has been recruiting to invade New York and defeat Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Footage shows armored-looking baddies with an almost undead complexion and a skeletal structure that looks equestrian in nature sliding down a building and joining the fray. For those that haven’t yet seen it, we’ve included an embarrassingly large screenshot of it below.

Popular speculation is that they could be Korbinites, an alien race heavily featured in Thor’s stories, and the race that includes Beta Ray Bill, one of the only other beings deemed “worthy” enough to lift Thor’s hammer.

Pictured above: Beta Ray Bill in quasi-Asgardian garb lookin’ all kinds of badass.

Other popular theories speculate that the mysterious enemies are Chitauri, Atlantean, undead Asgardian, or numerous other alien races in the Marvel universe.

We’ve already seen the Frost Giants in Thor, and with Thor 2 in talks, it would make sense to include another extra-dimensional race as a build-up – ESPECIALLY if Thor and Loki are involved. Plus, with the movie version of Thor playing up the fact that they’re more alien than Nordic god, having another alien race introduced isn’t a huge stretch of the imagination.

Maybe good ol’ Bill won’t be joining the cast of The Avengers any time soon, but if anyone could make a character named ‘Beta Ray Bill’ appeal to a modern film audience, it’d be Joss Whedon. What do you guys think?

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