Time to make a shady back-alley deal with that friend of yours that works in a movie theater.

It’s going to be awesome seeing these cardboard faces staring at you from the walls of your nearby cinema! As you can see, the standee can be positioned in a circle (awesome) or directly across a wall (still awesome).

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How many times have you attempted #Ham4Ham? If you can’t get (or don’t want) tickets to that one show, don’t despair! There are 39 other theaters on Broadway.

All the Broadway theaters except the Longacre, Lyric, and Neil Simon currently have a show running in them (to say nothing of the wealth of off-Broadway options). And there are plenty of exciting new musical options for theatre-goers. Get a ticket to one of these instead; it’ll only set you back $40ish instead $400.

‘She Loves Me’ (through July 10), Studio 54

While this writer has not yet seen the show (holding tickets for mid-May!), it is by all accounts an absolutely charming romantic comedy. The star-studded cast features a host of Broadway fan favorites: Zachary Levi, Laura Benanti, Jane Krakowski, and Gavin Creel. Go for the great show, then go to the stage door on 53rd street to meet the nicest guy ever, Zachary Levi. The music is by the same team who composed Fiddler on the Roof, so you’ll probably meet your new earworm at the theatre.

‘Fiddler on the Roof,’ Broadway Theatre

Talk of which, there’s yet another revival of Fiddler on Broadway this season! But this one is directed by Bartlett Sher, who has made a habit of reinvigorating classical musicals like The King and I. With all the warmth one expects of the show, and a heaping helping of humor, this is the show to take your family to for a nice day out. (This writer did just that – it was Grandma’s second ever Broadway show!) Danny Burstein, who should finally earn a Tony for this, is the sassiest Tevye imaginable, getting big laughs throughout the show. Don’t wait a decade for another revival, go ahead and see this incarnation.

‘Disaster!’ (through July 3), Nederlander Theatre

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If you’re an aficionado of ‘70s disaster movies and ‘70s music, this will probably be the greatest thing ever for you. If not, it’ll still be a really good time, as the show gets progressively sillier, to the point where shark arms aren’t even the most ridiculous thing on stage. There is an absurd amount of talent on the stage – Roger Bart, Adam Pascal, Kerry Butler, Faith Prince, Kevin Chamberlin, and more. Hearing them all belt out “Hot Stuff” in the most unexpected of contexts is a definite highlight of the show, even though it’s the opening number.

‘Tuck Everlasting,’ Broadhurst Theater

tuck ever lasting musical

Maybe you’re a fan of Natalie Babbitt’s iconic book, or maybe you’re just intrigued by the concept of immortality. Either way, this is the musical to see — it’s charming. The show is directed by Casey Nicholaw, who usually directs showstoppers like Something Rotten and Aladdin, but here goes for a smaller intimate feel. While not a perfect adaptation – the squick factor between Jesse and Winnie is high, the villain is cartoonish, and the music is forgettable – it’s still a good way to spend two hours. The show also features one of the most impressive sets on Broadway; we won’t spoil it, but it takes your breath away when you step into the theatre.

‘School of Rock,’ Winter Garden Theatre

The best new show by miles, School of Rock is everything one could ask for in a musical. The music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and is insanely catchy, the lyrics by Glenn Slater are alternatingly hilarious and heart-breaking. This writer has been playing the cast album non-stop for weeks, and has a School of Rock ringtone at the moment. Alex Brightman, filling the enormous shoes of Jack Black, gives a tour de force performance – capturing all of Dewey’s humor and heart, along with a manic energy that looks positively exhausting. Expect to laugh a lot, but don’t be surprised to find yourself crying towards the end. Most of the cast is an incredibly talented bunch of kids, acting out some storylines expanded from the movie, and playing their instruments live. School of Rock is a big hit, regularly grossing over a million dollars a week, so get a ticket while you can and thank us later.

What new musicals are you most excited about? How many have you seen?

This article is a part of Hypable’s inaugural Broadway Week in celebration of the 2016 Tony nominations.

Last year Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling promised to start issuing an annual apology about one character’s death on each Battle of Hogwarts anniversary. This morning, she apologized for killing fan favorite Remus Lupin.

Unlike her 2015 apology, this year’s also comes with a little context. Jo says that her decision to not kill Arthur Weasley — a twist she’s previously admitted she considered while writing the series — led to her killing Remus. One of the two father figures had to go, she says:

Last year Rowling kicked off this annual tradition (it feels weird to call it that) by apologizing for the death of Fred Weasley. May 2, 2016 marks 18 years since the horrific battle which finally led to Voldemort’s permanent defeat.

Lupin was one of the most beloved characters in the series thanks in part to his close relationship with Harry Potter. Remus Lives on in he and Tonks’ son Teddy, who might appear in the upcoming stage play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child this summer.

Which character do you think Rowling should apologize for next?

Don’t forget to say a prayer for the fallen tonight.

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Today Hypable is launching a brand new design. Welcome!

Our little fandom home turned 5 years old in April, so we thought now was a great time to give the site a big overhaul. In addition to a brand new layout, we also have a new logo! 5-year-old Hypable finally learned how to use a capitalized letter in its name, and there’s a new font and new colors to boot.

A big new feature within Hypable 4.0 is “The Spotlight.” This area appears towards the top of the home page and runs along the side of individual articles. The Spotlight features our latest and greatest material, making it quick and easy for you to access our best stuff from no matter where you are on the site.

Our Podcasts section is another area we’re very pleased to refresh. The individual episode pages now look a lot prettier, and it’s easy to jump to other recent episodes.

All of the work was completed by our brilliant co-founder, programmer, and designer, Richard Reid. We’re lucky to have someone as skilled as he is on our team, and this site would not be what it is today without him. Thanks to his skills we’re able to create whatever we dream up for Hypable. Most importantly, we can stand out amongst the plethora of entertainment websites out there by offering something original and eye-catching.

If you have any feedback on the design, please hit the comments below. Now that the site is accessible to the world we’re sure we’ll run into some bugs that we couldn’t spot when we were hiding this from mass consumption, so expect tweaks in the weeks ahead as we put Hypable 4 through its paces.

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