Selina Wilken

Selina Wilken holds a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television, and wrote her final dissertation on the postmodern themes in Supernatural (cause she's cool like that). In 2012 she received her MA in Journalism from Cardiff University.

On Hypable, Selina is a co-host of the podcasts Hunger Games Chat, MuggleCast, Vampire Hype, Talks of Camelot and Game of Owns. She writes news for Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time, The Vampire Diaries, and Merlin, and also shares her views on the latest TV developments in the occasional column article.

Aside from Hypable, Selina's presence online stretches to blogging for The Huffington Post, her own blog The Geek Girl, and boring everyone with her Buffy fangirling on Twitter. Selina hopes to spend her life working with television - either writing it, or writing about it.

Also important to note is that Selina's favourite colour is blue, she is Danish (or Swedish, apparently, depending on who you ask), and she cannot whistle.