Jason Lalljee

My name is Jason Lalljee, and I'm a media journalist and reviewer. I write booleanflix.com, a small film site stationed in Britain, jasonthemovieman.blogspot.com, and jasonsbookstack.blogspot.com. Like most journalists, I try to maintain a facade of professionalism, but whenever I find something I really like I end up becoming obsessed over it- I'm a big fan of Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, House, Once Upon a Time, Christopher Nolan movies, Martin Scorsese movies, Woody Allen screenplays, John Le Carre novels, and almost anything with zombies. (You know those annoying comments below the videos on youtube that look like they're written by an obsessed fan/stalker? Yeah, that's me.) I also keep coverage on the Oscars, eyeing Academy Voters and constantly sending them anonymous death threats demanding that they finally nominate Harry Potter.

I'm hoping to also branch out one day and get into film making or finally write a book. The main problem for me is that I've been a reviewer so long that I always obsess over any little idiosyncrasies in my writing. I think its karma coming back to get me. Maybe I should stop being so mean to Adam Sandler.

I'm also a huge fan of BBC's Sherlock. For those of you Americans (yes, I'm American too...) who still think that Robert Downey provides our generation with the best modern rendition of the classic slueth tale, go to your computer right now and sign up for a free month of Netflix so you can watch the television series on instant streaming. Benedict Cumberbatch is awesome- he's sociopathic, he's crude, he's mean, and he's a drug addict- the British equivalent to Gregory House, except 1000% more awesome. Sherlock won the BAFTA a year back for best Drama and scored a win for Martin Freeman, who plays Watson. The series is just brilliant. It's from the team that created Doctor Who. The writing is fantastic and the resolutions clever-each episode is an hour and thirty minutes, the length of a full length movie, yet each episode is so great, so fast paced that it feels like an eight minute episode of Spongebob. Be forewarned though: there are only three episodes in a season, and the next episode isn't out until late next year.

I'm really hoping to submit more posts to hypable in coming months, which you can also view in the links listed above, if you want. You can also follow me on twitter @thejasonology.