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Austenland, based on the Shannon Hale novel of the same name, will debut in theaters in Los Angeles and New York on August 14th. For every Jane Austen fan who wants to live in Austen’s world, this film may be the solution.

Keri Russell plays a Jane Austen fan whose city life is a mess. Her relationships are going nowhere, and her only solace is in her Jane Austen novels. She finds herself in the unusual position of being able to attend a Jane Austen amusement park of sorts. The “park” visitors dress in period clothes and live out their Austen heroine fantasies.

The movie also stars Jane Seymour as the manager of the “park,” Jennifer Coolidge as a long-time, yearly visitor, and James Callis as a Mr. Darcy type figure.

In the clips below, you get an idea of how successfully, or not,  the park strives to maintain an authentic experience.

The film will go into wider distribution, but for now, it is slated for a New York and Los Angeles opening on August 14th.

The film’s official webpage looks like it has some interesting features in store from wining and dining in style to experiencing an Austenland yourself.

You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter 

The film is the first for Fickle Fish Films, a production company started by Stephenie Meyer, who is a close friend of Shannon Hale. Fickle Fish Films has also optioned the sequel entitled Midnight in Austenland.

Stephenie Meyer was thrilled with the cast commenting on her website that:

Our cast was unbelievably funny—I’m sure most of you are familiar with Jennifer Coolidge’s superlative comedic talent, and if you’ve seen Flight of the Conchords then you are already a little bit in love with funny, funny Bret McKenzie. (Congrats on the well-deserved Oscar nomination, Bret! I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed for “Man or Muppet”!) I was really behind the times—this was my first exposure to James Callis, Georgia King, and Ricky Whittle, who I truly love, because they make me laugh. A lot.

At the heart of all this hilarity is the heroine of our story, sweet, lovable Keri Russell—whom I’ve been devoted to ever since Waitress, well, no, it goes all the way back to Felicity, really—and dreamy JJ Field, our resident Mr. Darcy. To top it all off, Jane Seymour plays our gorgeously frosty hostess.

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