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The CW has released a sizzle reel teasing the final five episodes of Arrow‘s fifth season.

Arrow returns from a multi-week hiatus with a new episode, titled “Dangerous Liaisons,” on Wednesday, April 26. New episodes will air for five straight weeks. And now we have some teasers for those episodes.

Watch the video below:

“Chase has been in the wind for a week,” Felicity informs us. When we last left Arrow, Adrian Chase was outed as Prometheus, and when Chase realized as much, he killed his guards and drove away.

“He’s picking us off, one by one,” Oliver says. This likely means we’ll see Team Arrow and its allies in danger from Chase, who now has nothing left to lose since he is no longer concealing his identity.

We get a few surprise cameos in the sizzle reel, including Yao Fei (a hallucination, perhaps?), Black Siren (who is confronting Quentin Lance), Derek Sampson (the drug dealer played by Cody Rhodes), Nyssa al Ghul (who confronts her sister, Talia) and — wait for it — Slade Wilson.

That’s right, folks. Manu Bennett is back.

All in all, the final five episodes of Arrow season 5 look to be exciting.

Arrow returns with new episodes on Wednesday, April 26 at 8:00 p.m. ET on The CW.

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