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Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk let the flood gates open at PaleyFest12 last night! Many new details on the second season of American Horror Story have now been announced. Check out the details here.

We already knew that Jessica Lange would be returning to the show as a regular. Then earlier this week we learned that the entire show would revolve around her character’s story!

Then yesterday afternoon, the news broke that Zachary Quinto would also be joining the cast a regular! Although there were no details about his character released at the time.

TV Line reported that last night at PaleyFest Murphy and Falchuk revealed that even more of the cast from the first season would be returning for the second. It was annouced that Evan Peters who played Tate, Sarah Paulson who played Billie Dean, and Lily Rabe who played Nora will all be returning as series regulars. Again no details about the characters they will be playing this time around, just that they would be different. Murphy also said that anyone could appear at any time on the show and they would all be playing characters opposite to those in the first season.

Murphy and Falchuk also talked more about the details of the show. They teased that the second season will be just as terrifying but have a very different vibe from the first season. However, ghosts may not be appearing on the show!

TV Line reports Murphy saying:

“A supernatural element will always be a part of the show,” Murphy allowed. “But we’re trying to do something more historically accurate.” As for what might be on the table, Murphy ruled almost nothing out, save for this: “Our only rule is no werewolves, and no vampires.”

And for those who were disappointed by the end of the first season, Murphy reveals that he does want to answer one loose end. Regarding Constance Murphy said:

“We have not lost sight of the fourth child” once alluded to by the Harmons’ neighbor. “We want to answer that.”

Murphy also noted that he is not interested in doing any crossovers with Glee and American Horror Story.

What do you think about these latest revelations?!

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