Take a look at the stills from American Horror Story: Asylum episode 2×05 “I Am Anne Frank” – Part 2 and get a peek at the investigation into Dr. Arden’s past!

Last week a new patient arrived at Briarcliff and claimed to be Anne Frank. The fact that she immediately recognized Dr. Arden from his days at Auschwitz didn’t hurt her case. She later told Sister Jude that she hadn’t previously revealed her identity because she wanted people to believe she had died at the hand of Nazis, claiming that her journal would touch more people if they thought she hadn’t survived. This week Sister Jude and Anne will try and help a Nazi hunter to get the truth about Dr. Arden. More mysteries will also be solved this week when fans finally learn who Bloody Face is.

The promo for the episode also reveals that Dr. Thredson will try to help Lana escape from Briarcliff as he promised her, but it looks like the patients will be undergoing more torture. Perhaps Dr. Arden, under the heat of the investigation, will panic and go on a spree of experiments?

Episode synopsis:

Sister Jude employs a renowned Nazi hunter to gather evidence against Arden. Kit makes a surprising confession. Bloody Face is unmasked.

American Horror Story: Asylum 2×05 “I Am Anne Frank” – Part 2 airs Nov. 14 at 10 p.m.

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Who do you think Bloody Face is?

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