It’s not much of a surprise, but Fox has chosen to cancel J.J. Abrams’ freshman series, Alcatraz, which suffered in its premiere season from low ratings and mediocre reviews.

Deadline broke the cancelation, along with the news that Fox’s other new drama, Touch, was renewed for a second season, and The Finder is still on the bubble, although its chances aren’t looking good. [Update: Early May 10, TVGuide reported that The Finder was also officially canceled.] Deadline reported:

Alcatraz is out of the picture, especially after Fox renewed J.J. Abrams’ other bubble drama series, Fringe.

Most critics wrote Alcatraz off as canceled long ago, around the time that Fox started doubling-up on episodes to end the season sooner. Even fans had accepted the fate of the mystery drama, co-starring Sarah Jones, Jorge Garcia and Sam Neill, although a few were still holding on to a last shred of hope.

What do you think of the news? Are you surprised? Glad? Horrified?

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