Sunday night was a big one for fans of Adele: Not only did we get to witness her first live performance since the birth of her baby, we also saw what may be her only live performance of “Skyfall.”

Rumors say that this was the only time the beloved singer will belt the tune in a live format. “Skyfall,” written for the James Bond film of the same name, also won the Academy Award for Best Original Song last night.

Watch below:

Backstage after receiving her award, Adele was asked if rumors were true that they really recorded the vocals to “Skyfall” in ten minutes. “It was two studio sessions. It was a bit longer than that,” she clarified. “We’re good but we’re not that good. Sorry.”

She also said she’d be celebrating tonight, but not too hard. “I think I’m going to the Vanity Fair party, so that’ll be quite nice. But I’ve got to get up at 6 am so one glass of champagne and I’m gone these days.”

Adele is rumored to be working on her third studio album this year.

What was your favorite music performance of the evening? Be sure to watch the Les Miserables movie cast’s live performance from the Oscars in our previous story.

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