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Now that Parks and Recreation is on a bit of a break, we thought it’d be fun to look at some of the internet’s most hilarious, interesting, and otherwise entertaining new offerings related to the show.

Here are our top five.

5. Ron Swanson Trivia: Think you know that mustached magician of malice? Test yo self!

4. Tom’s fashion guide: Who better to serve you up some knowledge on threads than Pawnee’s resident once-entertainment guru?

3. All hail the Pawnee murals: An under-tapped resource of hilarity, if you will, the murals of Pawnee should be viewed with an inspective eye.

2. Tributes: Brace yourself for laughter when approaching this slideshow of the internet’s best Parks and Recreation tributes.

1. Cartoon characters: Yep. That’s right. Someone went there and drew cartoons of the cast. The best one, of course, is the bonus of Ron Swanson in a pink bunny suit. Worst nightmare indeed.

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