It looks like 30 Rock is going to make good on its election-themed “to be continued” this week according to two new clips from episode five, “There is No I in America.”

Last week Jack and Liz both made the startling discovery that the entire 2012 election will come down to voters in Northern Florida, which Jenna has untold influence over via her chilled-out Jimmy Buffet style tunes. In the first clip, from The Hollywood Reporter, Jack and Liz both attempt to get Jenna on their respective sides.

Shockingly Jack’s pitch of the world’s first really, really rich President and Liz’s promise of “four more years of the stuff Obama’s been doing” doesn’t really make an impact on the person who believes the election should all be about her…even if she may happen to be right this time.

In the second clip, via TVLine Kenneth comes to Tracey, excited about his newly obtained absentee ballot for Stone Mountain.

This will be Kenneth’s first time voting it appears since “Reverend Gary said choice was a sin” and the only thing Reverend Todd has to say on the matter is “Reverend Gary is dead, long live Reverend Todd.” It looks like Tracey won’t be much help in guiding Kenneth through this civic right because he’s more concerned about his doppelganger Black Shrek and being the first make a joke after celebrities die.

According to the official NBC synopsis, in addition to Jenna and Kenneth’s political issues, Pete will try to “recreate the magic of the 2008 election.” The season premiere of season three, “Do Over” actually aired the Thursday before 2008’s election day but it’s unlikely that Pete will be trying to recreate those events. That’s when the adoption agent came to analyze Liz’s work life and Pete helped fabricate the office into a baby-friendly workspace.

But Liz wouldn’t be inviting another adoption agent over now…right?

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