‘30 Rock’: Dennis Duffy to return!

4:45 pm EDT, November 14, 2012

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Liz Lemon’s worst ex-boyfriend and one of our favorite characters, Dennis Duffy, will be appearing in episode seven of 30 Rock‘s final season.

According to Vulture, Dean Winters will be taking some time off from causing mayhem to reprise his role as the universally-beloved Dennis Duffy…and probably causing some mayhem anyway.

Dennis Duffy has accomplished many great things. He’s the world’s first social conservative/fiscal liberal, the world’s last Islanders fan and the world’s only Beeper King. But his finest achievement now is undoubtedly appearing in every single one of 30 Rock‘s seven seasons. Let’s see you try THAT, Jon Hamm, Matt Damon and Jason Sudeikis!

Dennis last appeared in the St. Patrick’s Day episode of season 6 where he had the chance to bro-out with Liz’s current boyfriend, Criss. He’ll probably be just as surprised to see Liz with the same boyfriend two years in a row as we were.

The episode airs November 29 and is titled “Mazel Tov, Dummies!” Perhaps Dennis has turned over a new life and converted to Judaism? Hannukah doesn’t actually start until December 8 this year but it would be like Dennis to get a two-week headstart on a present-receivng holiday. Or maybe he’s using the traditional Hebrew phrase to congratulate someone…you know, like you do when people get engaged or married or conceive a beautiful horn-rimmed glasses-wearing baby.

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